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  1. Hey y'all,


    Came back to PoE2 to try out all the new DLC and sub-classes. I've decided to play a Tactician/Rogue, and need to set up my party to work around him. I'm hoping someone could list any items that provide flanking immunity, as I want to get Pallegina set up with this ASAP to be the heavy main-tank. Preferably also recommend the easiest to obtain item. I'd also be curious about any particular buffs or consumables that may help with this.





  2. I don't see a need for more options, but if Obsidian want to expand I'd much for rather see them add some prestige classes. There is rich opportunities for that, with so many races/class/class combos to choose from. Even backstory could be relevant. I'd totally want an Aumaua cannoner which could require race/classes/sub classes/background/build and could add some fun uniqueness with a unique shoulder cannon or smth. :)

    Ya if they are going to expand classes in any way I'd prefer them to raise level cap with a DLC and give us some pl10 or Prestige type abilities. It is kinda silly that you reach max level after like 30% of the game content.

  3. It is used with the long pain. With Citzal's being a reach weapon your range is almost as good as an aquebus, but it still hits in the AoE and counts as a melee weapon for proccing swift flurry and heartbeat drumming. Not to mention an AoE Stunning Surge for CC. With good acc you can basically perma spam this. In solo ya its probably tough to pull off tho.

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  4. Looks like a cool concept and as stated above, well written. I gotta say, its hard to picture a Sage that doesn't abuse the **** out of Citzal's, Swift Flurry, and Heartbeat drumming. Don't think it would really interfere with ny of your themes either. I suppose one downside is you tend to just mow through stuff at a stupid OP rate.

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  5. Well, sure, but:

    1. I don't really play single classes, as I feel I would be missing out on MC options

    2. I care about gameplay from level 1 trough level 20 (well, actually 10-20, I'm willing to go with13-20, but not at levels 16(19)-20 only).


    I generally test characters at level 13, pitting them against Xaurip encounter on Neketaka island. Most fail that test, though I'm willing to provide some handicaps for "party" characters.

    I'm with you on avoiding builds that don't get going until higher levels. I can maybe stomach something that won't come together until lvl 13 but a build that relies on an endgame item or a skill you won't unlock until lvl 16-19. Ugh. That's just too many hours of boredom imo.


    @OP if you want two characters focusing on ranged attacks, insure you pick only one to use firearms, and TBH ranged weapons in general. If you want two pure ranged dps chars one of them must be primarily a dps caster imo. There are a few very good items that buff up ranged weapon attacks, and I feel you should stack them all on one toon. I.E Acina's Tricorn, Ring of the Marksman, and Sharpshooters garb if using firearms. I'd feel very underpowered without the first two on any ranged weapon user.


    POE2 also offers much more in the way of mobility skills imo. Its not as hard to jump around in combat to be able to get 3-4 melees into range.

  6. The issue with reach weapons in Deadfire is that most of them are not particularly good. They are.. serviceable. But the only really good ones is the Citzal's Spirit Lance, summoned by a wizard, and Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff, which is an end game weapon. You're better served by just going ranged.

    Note that some ranged weapons, particurarly blunderbusses, don't actually have that much range. 5m is not much at all. So they could be considered "mid-range" too.

    +1 on all points

  7. It depends heavily on the build. Some special properties allow for very specialized builds that make them shine, for example Willbreaker wielded by a barbarian that is designed around lowering fortitude saves. Off the top of my head, all Estocs are very good, both 2h battleaxes can be great if built for, Wahai Poraga is great for hitting up to 4 targets, Citzal's is god-tier as a summoned weapon in the right builds. I'm not particularly familiar with bows but I've seen some really cool setups for Frostseeker and have heard good things about others. The Red Hand is god-mode for single target dps from a ranged 2her. If you read through some of the builds that interest you in the build list, you'll see some of the items that get built for specifically.


    Personally, I've recently been enjoying versatile weapon setups more. My current Swashbuckler playthrough is using Kapana Taga, Stalker's Patience, and Wahai Poraga depending on the situation.

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  8. I feel like Amra made battle axe way more viable, you can get it as soon as you leave Maje and have 12k gold to spend. Just need to plan for the 25 strength, so bring a priest along. Swashbuckler gives you an aweful lot of ways to boost accuracy and crit chance, as well as throwing in persistent distraction and some items like Thoas' hat. Deathblows, might, etc all effect Amra's aoe is my impression.

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  9. Lampros, I think the reason your seeing mostly hybrid builds listed, is not many people would make say a single class wizard build because they are quite straight forward. There are some out there for sure, but the multiclassing hybrids is where builds tend to get more complicated/unique.


    If you want to use rods, consider using the modal ability to hit in an aoe, along with attacks that apply status effects to cause said effect in an Aoe.

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  10. I was playing a swashbuckler intending to use Wahai Paroga as my 2h for crowds, but I'm really looking forward to trying out Amra. Tank a group of mobs with Persistent distraction and you should crit often enough to proc frequently. Also going to use Thaos' Headdress for more acc. Then the proc gets bonuses from sneak attack, high might, etc. Can't wait to get this guy up a little bit and start taking advantage of Mob Stance and Reckless Brigandine.


    Unbroken/Trickster is fast shaping up to be one of my favorite combos. Its so versatile! Don't have a whole group to tank? Switch to Stalker's Patience for big bonuses vs. flanked(which is always) and a nice little raw dot on top of Deep Wounds, Gouging Strike and Toxic Strike....mmm can't wait.


    Side note, I'm wondering which 2h axe will end up putting out more dps on groups of mobs?

  11. I thought that Ascendant/Helwalker was incredibly powerful. I dual wielded Hand Mortar and Fire in the whole. Begin fight with insta cast self buffing, Stunning Surge the pack, insta Ascension, and go to town. The build took off sooner than I would have thought. At level 10 with Silent Scream it started to feel pretty good. For raw power this is the way to go imo.


    You are squishy as you mentioned, but its not too hard to work around tbh. In fights where managing engagements prove tough, like ship combat, I just used BDD at the start, and by the time it wears off, the fight is completely under control.

  12. I'd say something like


    Eder, Swashbuckler, major tank mode, Pallegina as a Herald with lots of passive healing and defensive buffs, Maia as a Scout with The Red hand could all be super low maintenance. For simplicity in a MC maybe just a simple evoker? AI can handle all your self buffing and then you just pick a couple nukes to empower and ka-blam, dead mobs.

  13. Ya I realized a bit late that the self-healing wouldn't be an option. The only real intent was a class combination that fit me a bit better. I don't particularly like monks from a roleplaying perspective. Barb's do tend to combine well with casters though. Not too sure if I'll give it a go or not, was just one of those mental ramblings brought on by 4 billion good build choices. >.< Chronic reroller here in the extreme lol.

  14. Verde, I'm considering a barb/fury as well based on the Fate Testerosa build. I posted some questions in that thread recently. Seems like some very cool synergies, and since I don't care for monks from a roleplaying perspective, I'm gonna give it a go. Like Boeroer said, Blood Thirst with nukes works great, and with all the Druid storm spells, I predict it could trigger a ton. I think it will be a fun combination of nuking power with solid melee for backup and cleanup duty. Just gotta take care of confused. +5 PL for electricy and +4 pen will be dirty methinks.

  15. Hey Ascaloth, do you think this build could work with replacing Helwalker with Berserker? I'm not particularly into monks from a RP perspective, and Berserker would kinda fit for me. I thought that it would increase melee dmg output and survivability a bit, and strength could still be pumped quite high with Frenzy and an Aumaua. 20 base + 1 Living Lands, +2 Berath's blessing, +1 GotM, +1 Effigy, +5 Frenzy = 30 before any Might bonuses from gear. My biggest concern is the Confused problem since it wouldn't be using DoC BP or Modwyr. Any other sources to nullify this that might work well? I'm actually less concerned with the friendly target dmg, and moreso the loss on int. I also figured that Druid's healing options could be used to nullify th raw dmg dot from Frenzy.


    Also curious if with this setup there would be a way to incorporate Deltro's Helm? I'm unsure of the mechanics on everything if it could work.


    Thanks for the input.

  16. Looks like this could be fun to adapt to Xoti, although not as powerful ofc.


    Weird Technical question on a Priest/monk Xoti. If you have just her sickle equipped, would this count as dual-wield and attack with the sickle and a fist? I'm guessing no but just checking. Could anyone recommend a good weapon setup for Xoti with this build?


    Sorry to hijack the thread, but I thought it might be related enough.

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