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  1. Hey guys,


    For my new playthrough I'm planning on making a heavy melee focused wiz. Looking for suggestions on a party setup. I'd like to keep the party around 4 characters. Thinking I'll play on hard, don't know if I'm up for PotD yet.


    So far I was thinking....


    Tank Paladin using outworn buckler and probably stick with the accuracy aura. Gonna go with the Crucible Knights this time so that can help make up some DR.


    Monk in heavy armor but dps oriented skill set.


    Control Cipher, probably the only ranged character and need a mechanic.


    Any opinions on how this would work, or replacements if welcome. Was also considering a priest but I felt like the buffing might not be to necessary for a buff wizard.


    Also, I've seen in other threads that you can get a lot of gear that reduces the speed penalties from plate armor. Could someone tell me about this options in more detail?





  2. I found a 2her pally to be plenty tanky. Faith and Conviction is awesome for making up the difference. Definitely go for Weapon Focus Soldier. Tall Grass, soulbound greatsword, etc. all rock. Also the Forgemaster Gloves for firebrand work great at alow levels. 


    I personally prefer my tanks to be able to deal some dmg so this works very well. I also found a dps oriented monk in good plate armor to be a great tank.

  3. Hey everyone,


    I'm new to PoE and working on figuring out how I want my party configured.


    First, how many tanks do I need in my party?


    Second, I've heard a lot of talk of off-tanks. When people refer to an off-tank, how tanky is it supposed to be? Would you still use sword & shield or do you go for a better balance between offense and defense?





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