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  1. The only cellphone I ever had was through Virgin, and I found their version of pay as you go extremely expensive, so after a month, I cancelled. That was my only mobile anything, ever. I have a roaming portable phone I take out in the yard when I'm at home and doing yard work, washing the car, playing with the dogs, that sort of thing. Wondering what anyone in a gaming forum thinks is an "Advanced Age" ? I started gaming on computers about 40 years ago. Anyone else got that beat?
  2. It is my belief that you will be in the minority with your lenient acceptance of poor performance and impaired images.
  3. Are we going on the assumption that such slowdowns are totally independent of the GPUs installed in the machines affected ?
  4. Right now, I don't even see anywhere here to have pre-ordered the Boxed Set version. I greatly dislike digital copies of games,, and thought this game really sounded great, but this sort of unprofessional situation is very discouraging.
  5. Having played it while new, 30 years ago, I still remember it well. It was difficult as could be; my parties got killed so often starting out, I wondered if I would ever earn a first increase in rank! But I'd love to try a new version. I had the one from a few years ago, and never really managed to get into it, however.
  6. Given that TWO MONTHS have elapsed, I am probably going to give up and forget about the game because I hate digital-only game distributions. K.
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