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  1. nice post, Starwars. i haven't played either in a long while but i plan to do that again soon. they've definitely had more replayability, for me anyway, than any other games i own. i agree with you on many of your points-- though i must unabashedly say i was never bored during any parts of kotor1 or 2... i guess i'm a sucker for starwarsy stuff -- and am happy to see others enjoyed the story of kotor2 as much as i did. yes there were bugs (though in my 2 playthroughs i never ran into many honestly) and there was removed content important to the story, but i still find that neither the overall gameplay or story were hurt severely by this. i must state that on a pure enjoyment level these are my two absolute favourite games. that said, while there was a general feeling of "yeah its good ... but disappointing" surrounding kotor2, i found it surpassed the original in every way. the content was darker, the characters more mature and moody. there were more hidden agendas, ruthless enemies, and moral question marks ... just everything about it i loved so much. i could go on for hours just makes me happy when other people enjoy it on the level that i did :D
  2. i can't remember the last time i posted here ... i've been following tslrp since day one and i honestly can't believe it hasn't been left for dead. kudos to the TG folks who have no obligation whatsoever to do all this work in their spare time, yet choose to continue after so long. this certainly is the most impressive mod undertaking i've ever seen. nothing else in mind comes close to the dedication on this TSLRP project. thanks to you all for your hard work. i hope this is the year! i really need some kotor lovin' again, as the most recent crpgs i've been playing are diablo and fallout
  3. just wanted to say keep up the good work. this mod looks fantastic, and once completed, m4-78 along with TSLRP will definitely get me to buy a copy of the pc version of the game.
  4. I, being in the minority, enjoyed KII more than KI. A major reason being that I gained influence with the best character in the series for walking the "gray" path, my preferred way. As far as a cohesive experience goes, KOTOR I is clearly the stronger game, but I found myself connecting to the darker characters of KOTOR II more often. Its ending may be considered "weak" by many, I suppose, but I was thoroughly satisfied, and really didn't need closure. I will enjoy KOTOR III (assuming it is made) whether it has anything to do with Revan and the Exile or not.
  5. It's quite obvious that HANHARR is the man. The wookiee man that is.
  6. For the most part, K1 & K2 run fine for me on Xbox and PC. The only place I have immense problems with is Dantooine. I don't know why, but every time I go there, first or second game, it just chugs terribly. The strangest part is, that all I have to do to temporarily fix it is switch the graphic setting. If it's on High, I put it to Medium, it runs fine. If it's on Low, I switch it to High and once again it runs fine... for a few minutes. Very odd. I think they made a suitable engine, but I really hope KOTOR 3 gets a well deserved upgrade. I agree with the poster who said CRPG's are all about substance, and that music/graphics are just a bonus, but the game should at least be playable, graphic wise. *crosses fingers*
  7. Where do some people get all this mystical information? Who says "this is not the way it was intended" ? Just how do you know that? Where are your facts and proof of this "cut ending"? IT WAS INTENDED TO BE DONE HOW IT IS! Not everything needs to be as climactic as the first game, or Return of the Jedi. Do some people really need to see a celebration with pictures of all your pretty characters dancing around? Will that give you closure? Grow up folks, and stop bashing Obsidian for this. They made an excellent game. Leave it alone.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again: They didn't cut the ending due to budget or time constraints. The ending is supposed to be just how it is. You learn about the fates of your companions (with the exception of Bao-Dur and the droids) so that in itself is an ending. It isn't necessary to see any medal ceramonies or cult worshippings. The ending is fine as it is.
  9. Why have people complained about the ending? It's perfect the way it is. It is meant to be that way. If you don't get it, then maybe you should think harder about everything in the game. It doesn't need to be modified at all. Obsidian has plenty of resources and money. If there was going to be something else, they would have done it. Just let it be.
  10. I couldn't agree more with all the points you have made. You perfectly summed up everything. It was very gutsy to go with the story they did, and I believe it paid off. People may think it's not as epic as the first game, or it has a weak ending, or plot holes, etc.. The fact of the matter is that there are no flaws in the story, just like you said. The characters are so much more developed and interesting in KOTOR II. Not everything is handed to you on a platter, as you have to discover things for yourself, and when the game does reach the point of closure it is all the more satisfying. The Jedi masters themselves simply reveal the flaw in the Jedi order. It needed to be rebuilt. I found Vrook and Atris to be very preachy, arrogant, and foolish. Kavar and Zez-Kai-Ell were definitely the brighter of the bunch, and I admired their characters. It would have been nice to have a choice in the matter on Dantooine, but ultimately Kreia does what needed to be done. I felt that the Jedi masters' story played out excellently. I personally feel that The Sith Lords is above and beyond the original in all aspects. Kudos to Obsidian for taking some bold risks. KOTOR II has taken its place as my favourite game ever. Right where it belongs.
  11. As far as computer generated characters go... Visas is hot. Plus she has a really great voice. Visas hands down.
  12. I don't think this was a change, personally. I think it's just decolorization from the original film, but I could be wrong. Something so obvious you'd think would have been fixed by their remastering team. I noticed it in seconds and it annoys me a lot too.
  13. You know, it's not always a good thing to make engine changes and mess around with the format of all sequels. Take Ghost Recon 2 for example. The first was an amazing game like nothing else at the time. Now because they sold a few more copies on Xbox they're changing the style of the game from what people knew and liked, to what people don't know, and are probably going to hate. KOTOR II is sticking with a winning formula. I'd honestly rather look at the same graphics and have another great game with new story & characters this year, instead of waiting 3 more years to play the same game that has better graphics.
  14. Well if there's going to be 7 planets, and those already revealed are Dantooine, Dxun, and Telos, I think the following would be cool choices: Hoth - just cause it's home to the coolest battle ever, and snowstorms would make for some interesting saber duels. Alderaan - isn't anyone else interested? Ord Mantell - it's a cool place Nal Hutta - please oh please let us kill a hutt If we had to go back to any planet from the first game (besides Dantooine obviously) I'd choose Taris. It would be decimated, but it would be an interesting sight to see. Maybe the sith have taken over?
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