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  1. The question is: Do you use Quickslotitems? Since you can beat the Game Solo by using Summon-Figurines and Scrolls, it of course not necessary to create 6 Min/Max Chars. So is it possible to beat the game without any hired Chars, Attribute Mods and any consumable/summon items? Currently I play without hired chars and without quickslot items... I do not know if I could do it with preset attributes...
  2. I am playing PotD with Aloth,Hiravias,GrievingMother,Kana,Durance and my Fighter, but I used IEMod to respec their attributes. They still have suboptimal Races and 1st Level Talents, but they work well in PotD.
  3. I do not know, but I can give you an educated guess^^ Normal Stat-Buffs from modals, spells and consumables are never stacking, so accuracy food + Paladin accuracy aura, + accuracy Priest buff is a waste, only the highest counts. Normal Damaging-Debuffs like Deep Wounds and so on do also not Stack, they get refreshed when applied a second time. So I guess it will not stack...
  4. The Idea was to deal the majority of the damage via Pain Link. MadDemiurg was right anyway it is too much preparation and leaves you with a 5 man group... not worth it. Would be great in lower levels, but you dont have Pain Link then, when you get Pain Link all the Wizards, Druids, Priests have so much great AOE with enough Accuracy to hit PotD monsters, that you do not need a complicated Barbarian combo to do it.
  5. True, the only upside is: The Wave has to hit, Pain Link should hit automatically. I will check it out and post again, if I still thinks its good )
  6. Idea: Moon Godlike 18/19/19/3/4/15 Have your Cipher learn Pain Block + Pain Link. You would also need a Healer (Druid/Priest) and a second Tank once your Barbarian dies. Tactic: Send you Barbarian into the monsters cast Pain Link and heals on him, 1/4 of every damage he takes is applied on all the monsters in range. If you think he is near dead, cast Pain Block, heal him up and start over. Result: Lets assume he has 400 Endurance with buffs, you heal another 200 and there are 10 monsters... that would make him deal 1500 Damage through the link + whatever his Carnage does. I dont think there is another class or even combo that can deal 2000 damage that quickly^^ (Its all theory, I will test it but so far havent)
  7. I would absolutely go for a fighter for tanking purposes. Fighter needs Defender+Wary Defender Pally needs Faith and Conviction + Buff Talent (forgot the name) both are equally hard to kill now but: The Pally only binds 1 enemy the rest is free to run to your ranged camp, the Fighter binds 3 monsters. The Wizzard, whilst rather unkillable, has the same problem. Everyone can take "Hold the Line" (+1 Enemy engaged in melee), but its one of your only 6 Talents, and it does nothing else.
  8. You are right, if one good Character can do PotD solo, then 6 bad ones should also prevail... 5 of 6 Chars in my (real) PotD group have Con 3, Deflection is much more important for a Tank. That is basically the idea behind my "bad group". No Might no Deflection and no Buffs to solve that problem. The fight takes long, and you get hit a lot, if those Monsters hit all the time it does not matter how much endurance you have. But you are right the Monk should probably be 3/18/18/15/18/3. I think the most important stats are Resolve and Might, a Char without both is bad in terms of effectiveness.
  9. Ok 6 times the same class would be unfair so each class 1 time, you can always take talents that make no sense or you cant use... so I leave talents out... Ranger 3/18/18/15/18/3 with Wolf He has no Concentration, very low Deflection and deals no Damage. Wolf dies quickly. Paladin 3/18/18/15/18/3 Goldpact Knights No Damage, low Deflection/Concentration, and Goldpackt Knight is useless with 3 Might. Barbarian 3/18/3/15/18/18 Slow, no Damage gets lots of Deflection but Barbarians die easy, so the bonus Deflection wont help... Monk 18/3/18/15/18/3 Deals Damage, but is already Dead Rogue 3/18/18/15/18/3 No Damage, low Deflection/Concentration Chanter 3/18/18/15/18/3 No Damage, low /Deflection/Concentration Cipher/Priest/Wizard/Druid have spells and are therefore always superior, later in the game. Taking only Rogues and/or Barbarians would be the worst party ever I think. The Chanter will probably be the best of them, since he has unlimited invocations, if he survives.
  10. I dont see the Problem... per second means healing over time so you have 12.9 h/sec with 17 Might and 10 h/sec with 10 Might 17 Might is +21% and you have 29% more healing per second but this can be due to rounding I think...
  11. I do not know if this fits this subforum, but its a Spoiler in itself so it does not fit the others... As usual for me I began the the Game a 7th time from the start, everytime fixing something not optimal in my party. This time on PotD! After doing Raedricks Hold I noticed I got tons more Stuff from Enemies/Chests than I normaly do... I found 3 Fine Robes, instead of only one! (the one is in the chest next to the questgiver on level 2) I found many Magical Weapons where previously where none! (Example: The Crate with the Berath Robes now contained an aditional Fine Waraxe) In the Forum I read some posts that PotD ist not rewarding enough, yet it seems it is! Or am I mistaken and they patched in the Items with Patch 1.05, and it is for all difficulties?
  12. Maybe its not the Chanters that are to slow, its the other DD that are to fast. On the standard Difficulties the Wizards/Druids/Whatever DPSes everything down before the Chanter built up his chants so he seems worthless... On PotD on the other Hand all those Mobs are often still alive when all your good spells are used up, and now the Chanter is right there to bridge the gap when everyone else is reduced to standard melee/ranged attacks... I actually like it that way, many builds become obsolete in PotD, interrupting and DPSing everything down quickly is simply not possible, so theres one class that actually becomes more viable!
  13. Wizzards and Priests are extremely useful. Currently I play on Path of the Damned and I love them both. Wizard: I Rerolled Aloth to 18/3/10/8/18/18 (only for PotD, on easy/normal/hard it would be 18/3/18/3/18/15) using IE Mod and he is great! If you dont want to use IE Mod just hire a Wizard you then lose all Aloth Dialogs... He just casts the level 1 Ice Cloud and 2 Arcane Assaults every fight, then uses his ranged weapon till a mob attacks him, that makes him quickly switch to Hatchet+Shield and activate Arcane Veil, he now has more Deflection than my Tanks and can stay alive until the mob is dead. The level 2 AOE Blind is also cool, all Mobs in the Area lose 25 Attack and Defence... what more do we want? Priest: He lacks the defensive abilities of a Wizard, but with Armor of Faith(1) and Blessing(1) your Group hits better an lives much longer, Iconic Projection(2) heals your complete Group and damages all enemies. On Difficulty Hard or lower both classes dish out a lot of AoE damage, but I hate Chars that are not optimized, after optimizing the game was way to easy and I had to start over on PotD )
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