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  1. Dashus post is proof that the beta testers and moderators no nothing about the status of the mod If you noticed most of them were saying that dashus was still working on the mod and that it was alive and well, as well as flaming everyone that made a "is it alive" thread Here are a few quotes: 07/12/09 Darth Windu: 07/12/09 Loony636: 07/17/2009 Darth InSidious:
  2. Negativity that could have been resolved with the post he made today I was just letting ppl know that they do not need to loose hope, there would still be someone who would release it in the likehood that the project would die. I was not going to release it until i knew for sure that the project was dead, which is why i made that thread to see if dashus would respond. trust me i do not want this project to fail anymore then you do, but i wanted the community to know that even if it was to die it would be released one way or another.
  3. I just don't understand what was so hard about posting that, for months i was trying to contact Dashus about the project and never got an answer, if the only person left on the project had not been heard of for months it is only natural for ppl to think that the project is dead or very close to it. 1.0b10 and 1.0b11 are in almost perfect condition with the only real flaw being the HK Factory, i just do not understand why he would hold a year old build from release when it is more then ready to be released as is, and even worse not communicating with the community and even with the testers.
  4. Unfortunately like we have seen in the past LucasArts only cares about making money and doesn't actually listen or care about the people, if they would actually listen to the community they would have made the game the ppl have asked for the most from LucasArts (kotor 3 is indeed the most asked about sequel from lucasarts games), instead they make an MMO which no one asked for in the first place. but of course they did it because they know that ones it is done they will get millions of dollars a month for at least 5 years if not more.
  5. I don't find anything funny about the name april and the whole april fools thing, sounds more like a joke for a 5yr old
  6. I was replying to scarlettguard about the passcodes, and i know your a beta tester Also how can someone have gotten the 2 passcodes + the link if not leaked by someone in the team? The yahoo chat log was posted sometime ago on the team-gizka forums: http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php...u&start=480 Check Darth Windu's posts on team-gizka and you will see that he has only posted about 3 times after Match 31st, There was also that PM darth windu sent to all the beta tester's saying that someone was trying to pass as april to try to get a copy of the build
  7. The passcodes are diffrent everytime, and it can only be generated by Dashus Also another thing Darth InSidious is that Darth Windu never denied it, instead we haven't heard from him since the yahoo chat log was posted It would have been a diffrent story if the mod was never leaked, but someone had to leak it, and this seems like the most credible (actually the only) explanation on how it was leaked. Im not blaming Darth Windu this could have happened to anyone, i do feel bad however for the beta testers who were taken of the team when they didn't have anything to do with it.
  8. Its legit unfortunately, only beta tester's know that in order to download the mod you have to input 2 diffrent passcodes, the download link was also never made public by the team which means it really had to be Darth Windu
  9. I'm still waiting for the disk so I can frame by frame it and see how he pulled that move off. Personally someone coming in at that angle I would have either sliced his head off or cut down through the torso. or even better force pushed him into the lava and saved myself the bother. Heres an interesting thought. We all know that Obi lost on purpose in EPIV so Luke could escape (because no way would Luke leave him behind) so the question is do you think he could have killed Darth if not for the other circumstances? I don't know, but i think i could duel better then the one in epis
  10. This is recently created instructions from Team-Gizka's webasite: http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3952
  11. This is a huge leap from the past months, after the closed Beta is released its only a matter of restoring the last bit of content and fixing whatever bugs the closed beta testers find. theres a chance that non of the Beta Testers will even find any bugs but lets just see.
  12. Is this your first time playing it on an Xbox360? If no, is it a diffrenct 360 then the one you previously played the game on? What Xbox360 drive do you have? hitachi, Samsung, BenQ? (or better yet when was your console manufactured) And last what Color is the game cd by the bottom (silver or another color?)
  13. i think thats a really bad sugguestion, all of us love kotor 2 and its practically everyones favorite game (all the ones that follow the TSLRP i mean) and we haven't played it with the mod have we?
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