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  1. This game has so many errors for Mac it's gonna F up your gig & take out a year of your hardware's life just to play it. Not worth it in my book never gonna buy another product from Obsidian ever again.
  2. I am still experiencing severe lag + choppiness on my Mac. The game was running fine up to 40 hrs of gameplay then all suddenly it gets choppy. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I'm extremely upset about the Mac version of this game. After spending close to $50 I am left with a bug ridden, choppy, unplayable piece of poorly coded software. This game should NOT have been released under the OS X platforms with said problems and I feel cheated. It runs incredibly choppy on my maxed out 2015 iMac 27in Retina even under low resolution. I have absolutely zero respect for studios trying to make a quick buck by releasing softwares not properly tested. What BS.
  4. I'm getting this as well on my MacBookPro. There doesn't seem to be enough Mac users around this game to make it a concern for folks... I'm hoping this is not the case because I was playing fine until the game started getting choppy. I turned the graphics + resolution all the way down to lowest setting and it was still choppy as hell.... not sure what to do. Anyone with any tips, much appreciated.
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