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  1. Some jerk at the Codex posted an article that asks "Are the paradigms of role-playing outdated?" Read on for more!
  2. From that same QT3 thread, Desslock said: It may sound like he's joking, but he's hinted at that in the past.
  3. In the thread at QT3, Green later implied that it wasn't something all that exciting. That makes me doubt it's something like the eventual X-Com announcement.
  4. Not if the game doesn't actually exist. Maybe this is all some big media hoax, like Angelina Jolie or the Korean War.
  5. According to someone at the ET forum, one of the developers said that the final build was sent to the publisher on the 10th.
  6. THQ & Relic are most likely already on that.
  7. Retired gun runner Feargus Urquhart recently had a little chat with the kids at RPG Codex.
  8. I'm going to take this opportunity to admit that I enjoyed Deus Ex: IW. Yes, that's right.
  9. Time for me to plug our review of the final build. Also, here's a list of demo mirrors.
  10. I doubt it. Peter Games (tee hee) released Brigade E5 in Germany with Starforce, but Strategy First released BE5 in North America without any evil copy protection.
  11. Why is a HOI2 fanboy even having to consider such things. Of course you'll get EU3.
  12. *baby arm casts thread necro* We've got a review up of Warhammer: Dawn of War (that's right, the original game w/o the expansions). Word of warning: it was written by a Starcraft fanboy. Read it here.
  13. Battle for Wesnoth, Dink Smallwood, and UFO: Alien Invasion are all worth trying.
  14. The 1.15 is the only H&S patch there is. Keep in mind that even though it's "unofficial", it's by Novik, the lead H&S designer and programmer.
  15. I don't have time to click the link so please tell me what it says. Or better yet, act the interview out using only emoticons..
  16. In case Larry didn't know, it's available as we speak at Gamer's Gate. You can also buy Sword of the Stars there if that floats your boat.
  17. Bioshock Mother 3/Earthbound 2 Age of Decadence Dominions 3 Space Empires V Battle Lord Project T-BAR (or whatever it's called now) Stardock's fantasy turn-based strategy game NWN2 Defcon other stuff I'm forgetting And a whole lotta "maybes" (Brigade E5, JA3D, Day Watch, CM Shock Force, UFO: Afterlight, etc)
  18. I'm not a developer (just look like one), but I wouldn't be too surprised if developers check Gamasutra's audio section.
  19. Besides the 523 other games I have going, I started up Night Watch and another run-through of Tactics Ogre.
  20. You could find both games cheaper if didn't mind digging around store shelves (I got Disciples II Gold for $4.99), but they're easily worth the $30 regardless. Hours and hours of fun guaranteed. Disciples II is especially recommended for HoMM fans.
  21. Heroes of Might & Magic V Here's the wonderful Armageddon spell.
  22. Your total disregard for the law and human decency both disgusts me and touches my heart. Bless you, sir.
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