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  1. Shifting doesn't take a full action. Yes, you need to have finished recovering from your last action, but after you shift, you can immediately act to attack or cast a spell. Also, I don't think Stag gets enough respect. Avoiding critical spells and attacks can save you way more health and other nasty effects than a couple points of DR. Doesn't suffer from bear's sluggish attack speed, either. I don't even care about the AoE ability.
  2. Good post, just a couple things to add: Accuracy is also important to interrupt. A graze gets a -25 penalty to interrupt and a crit gets a +25 bonus. I haven't tried this high-level chanter ability, but it describes the bonus as per hit, rather than a lash: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Aefyllath_Ues_Mith_Fyr For whatever it's worth, bows also enjoy better range than guns. I know I get annoyed when I tell my ranged in the back row to initiate and they move up in front. And one last point against bows is that abilities which add bonus damage, like the DoT on Crippli
  3. You'll probably want to verify this, but from what I've seen, Wildstrike belt adds 10% to base damage, not to the lash. Which is nice, because it then gets multiplied by the lash. This makes sense, because then the belt is valuable to all druids, not just ones with wild strike talents. And it's as you say, accuracy is the top issue. Then again, with zero recovery penalty, blazing fast attack speed and grazes that do 20 damage, it's not such a deal breaker. Basically, if you build for it, wild shape is a great way to do heavy per encounter DPS before you start getting per encounter spel
  4. That's what domestication does to you. Let your bipedal buddy shoot your food in the face for you and you laze around all day chewing bones. Next thing you know, it's shampoo, pink bows, and a puppy pedicure.
  5. I'm level 8 on normal, wrapping up Defiance Bay, and Eder takes very little damage with 90+ deflection at this point. For my melee/offtank characters, I feel they need at least 50 deflection or they're going to have a bad time and eat some crits. I guess the rule is: If you're going to melee, you need enough deflection to offset the accuracy of whatever's trying to kill you to eliminate crits. Main tanks need up 50 points more to eliminate hits. Pretty sure you can see the accuracy of the beast that's chewing on you if you hover over the damage in the combat log.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. The dragon I killed last night seemed to bounce equally between the three melee I had flanking him. Now I know the logic behind it, and that there's a blood price to be paid for trying to melee at all and trying to flank in particular. Then I guess it's simply a question of how much a Bashing shield reduces your tank's DPS and slows down the application of cool abilities on the main hand, like Drain and Marking.
  7. Oof, that's a good question. Perhaps the reason Eder isn't holding aggro as well as I'd like is because the Door is slowing his main attack.
  8. Druid. There's just something satisfying about turning into a monster and wrecking people.
  9. What bugs me about that is that you're trading damage reduction from all enemies hitting your tank for reducing the damage of the one target your tank can hit. Maybe I'm wrong and in the hardest encounters it's more important to slow down the Big Bad Boss than to absorb hits from several enemies. I'll admit I'm not far enough in the game to make that evaluation.
  10. The problem is that tanks generally wear heavy armour and a shield, so even with a high interrupt rate, I think you'll find the sluggish attacks of the tank will interrupt less than the high dex dual-wielder next to him who ignored perception. Perhaps even worse than that, since the tank getting wailed on by three people is going to get interrupted himself rather a lot. It's a nice perk, as you say, if you stack Perception for the deflection, but I don't think it's worth investing in Perception to get. Probably better to get Resolve first and cut down the interruptions the tank receives.
  11. This is a little off topic, but I've found Kana makes a better offtank than sniper. He can only get spells off in the biggest fights, and I find his chant debuffs more compelling than his buffs, so I handed him Justice and slapped a suit of plate on him and sent him to the front lines. He does about as much damage, holds up well under the pressure so far, reduces damage to the rest of the front row, and is better positioned to cast spells once he finally charges up.
  12. Just adding another data point. I did some testing, and it looks like a Druid with both Wildstrike talents will face about 50% of DR of the appropriate type.
  13. Personally, I've got no doubts - damage modifiers can only continue to go up as the series progresses, which only helps Dex over Might. It's a certainty to me that at some point - whether it be in the PoE 1 expansion(s) or in PoE 2 - Might will be completely and totally overshadowed by Dex for all auto-attacker builds. Casters obviously still benefit from Might to get more out of each spell. Looks like you've done some good work though - though I haven't checked your formulas over in detail. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with. If you can produce some good graphs for commun
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