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  1. Thanks, yeah I kind of figured it was that way. Hopefully they do change it a tad, though, so you don't get locked out of any/all faction backing. I don't mind picking one over the others, I think that's great. I was just kind of forced into helping a faction that I didn't want to because I killed some thieves and was threatened by their leader into assisting with their heist. The result was not being able to work with any of the factions because I was already friendly with the Knights and said heist also made me friendly with the mafia-like faction. Helping one faction should, in my opinion, immediately drop your reputation with the other factions. Or something.
  2. So I understand that the various factions in Defiance Bay are at odds with each other and that choosing one will result in not being able to interact with the others. That makes sense to me, even if I messed it up in my most recent play through. However, I found that when aligning with one (the mafia-like one), I had already completed quests with both the dozens AND crucible knights. As such, the game has now locked me out of ALL factions, as I am at a "faintly good" reputation with each of them. Is this a bug or intended? I like the idea of exclusive faction quest-lines and such, but the execution here is baaaaad. It should be structured so that when you compete a quest for one of the factions, your reputation with the other factions drops considerably so that you are unable to complete any quests you currently have for the other factions but your aligned faction's quest-line stays intact. Currently I cannot do quests for any of them, and that's kind of a bummer. I hope that makes sense. Can anyone shed light on the topic for me?
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