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  1. Had this same bug just this morning. It definitely worked in 3.0, but does not spawn properly in 3.01. ALSO! The Sky Dragon Wurm is still not showing up as it should. This is after choosing the "Let the Sky Dragon live, and convinced Hylea to let it stay." No Wurm in the dungeon where it should be. This was bugged in 3.0 and still is now bugged in 3.01. Not a big deal as I don't care about achievements and can just console stuff in, but it's a bug nonetheless.
  2. Do you run G-Sync? I turned that off and my similar issues went away. Should be an option to eliminate it in your nVidia Control Panel.
  3. As an addendum to this, my game is almost rocksolid with G-Sync off; not getting any tearing. It was causing noticeable lag (almost like a mem leak) when G-Sync was turned on. I only run at 75hz though, so maybe you higher fps guys need some sort of sync still.
  4. On the way to rescue Oswald, I encountered noticeable lag/slowdown after visiting the second floor of the Temple. Specifically this is worst in the room with the fungi and Dank Spores. It is noticeably bad in there. After a restart, I have no issues with the rest of the temple's performance. I've got a Core i7 and a GTX 1070 all on newest updates, so something is definitely wonky with that room. I run the game on High with no issues elsewhere. Cheers! Back to playing I go...
  5. If you immediately move at the start of combat, your melee characters' AI will hang (gears icon appears on them). The only way they don't hang is if the first power they try to use is a ranged one. I figured this out as my Chanter summons Spirits on the enemy with lowest health, then engages as he's supposed to. Eder with his melee Crippling Strike stays hung up with the gears icon showing. After forcing the stuck character to attack, they then resume their scripted behavior and attack as programmed. Ranged characters don't seem affected by this issue. This seems to affect all g
  6. Just spitballin here, but have you guys turned off : Enable Telemetry? That was occasionally causing my rig to freeze and sometimes crash. Might be the case for some of you with choppy internet like me.
  7. Hiya! This was driving me nuts all last night, but I think I tracked it down. 1. I multi-classed both Eder and Xoti. 2. I set up their AI behaviors. 3. I turned general AI to "Aggressive" and hit Save. 4. The AI hangs with the gears icon over both of them in every single fight. 5. Once ordered to attack their behavior AI then functions correctly, and they will engage the rest of the enemies as normal. 6. Changing behaviors/conditionals does nothing to fix this. 7. Changing their general AI to Defensive does; they aggro enemies and initiate their behavior AI. No gears icon. S
  8. Figured I'd post this since it seems to work okay: Just make sure you do Ferry Flotsam and get the Hermit's Cap. Drop that on your Priest, and even if the Captain's Cap tries to stun them they're now immune.
  9. Reproduced this a few times now, but the Company Captain's Cap is Confusing my friendly priests when they use a number of abilities. Radiance and Iconic Projection for sure will both proc the Cap's Confusion ability, potentially stunning (or worse) your healers midfight. Had this happen twice during fights with enemies that don't use Confuse. It's definitely the Cap doing this. Not sure if this's fixable, but it makes the hat touchy to use on TC difficulty.
  10. I'm using the 3.03 Beta patch. Not sure if I've only started noticing this now, but playing my Chanter, every time I use a spell Ancient Memory turns off. It then never restarts, even if I resume chanting. I guess I'm wondering if this is normal behavior. Seems like a total waste, if so. You basically have to forego casting spells if you want the healing off Ancient Memory. At this point, I think I'd be better off ignoring both that and Beloved Spirits and just taking the on-til-completion Veteran's Recovery. Memory/Beloved would help with the initial part of the fight, I guess
  11. The IE Mod, which you can get off of NexusMods has the lash removal function in it, but sadly the last version is super unstable. I was having repeatable crashes during even the Prologue. As that's pretty much unusable as it is now, I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see. Either IE Mod will get fixed, or Obsidian will make this an official feature. Lord knows I'd like it to be! The Whispers of Yenwood has the best sword model in the game, but you'd never know it. That orange glow crap totally obscures any work the modeling team did.
  12. Hiya! As we're nearing the last patch (maybe ever?), I figured I'd point this out again. I'm sure you guys are aware of it and it's just super low priority, but in case you're not: Fine Breastplate on a female character has the right forearm offset and clipping through the armor. Not by a little, but by a lot. It's super obvious, even zoomed all the way out. Currently using the 3.03 beta with no real issues! Just small things like above. All the best! ~Sable~
  13. Two suggestions! Firstly, one of the things I liked most from IWD2 over PoE was that custom party members could still actively contribute to the story. If you needed a certain Resolve and didn't have it on your MC, say, your custom Paladin could "talk" instead of the MC and clear the skill check. That felt a lot more realistic because you're a PARTY, not an adventuring harem. Heck, I'd like to see the Companions in PoE2 even be capable of that. It would give you yet another reason to take certain ones along. Sure, they may not min-maxed for combat, but maybe one of the Companion
  14. Been playing (and restarting because I bork something up) strictly as a Cipher. I don't know numbers, but I can definitely tell you some tricks I've learned. Melee Cipher is totally viable, but it's an active class. Where as Barbs just charge in and maybe hit a Savage Defiance, Ciphers have to carefully engage with spells first. Generally I'll stunlock the snot out of something, send my grunts in to soak hits and cause hell, then sling an AoE before moving to flank and DPS down what I stunlocked. Ogre Druids are cake if you manage your Focus to lock them down almost continuosly. I'
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