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  1. I'll tag along with IlyyaP above - I try to keep my expectations in check when dealing with a new release, especially considering this isn't "technically" a AAA title and may not necessarily have the resources of a GTA5 or Witcher 3 to go through troubleshooting to quite the same extent before release. But this is ridiculous. First my specs: i5 6600k oc'd @ 4.3ghz, 16gb ram, gtx 1080ti, win10 I have an fairly powerful gaming computer that runs pretty much everything I throw at it 1440p between 80-120fps. This game, 100% of the time that I play it, does one of 3 things: -completely crash to a blank screen (so far I've not had to restart my computer when this happens) -frame rate either starts out incredibly low, choppy, and flickering on screen, or it will randomly happen while playing. the amount of time varies, but always within 30 mins. once it happens the game has to be restarted for it to go away -the screen will freeze with numerous visual artifacts all over the place. I still have sound I can hear things happening when I blindly click or open a menu screen, but the screen is frozen in place usually with a very distorted and garbled view of whatever was happening last. I can alt tab out of the game but the screen will not pull back up if I try to get back in. As I said before, one or more of these things happens 100% of the time within 30-40 minutes of playtime. I dont have hardly any crash logs to share because it more often just freezes and I have to manually shut off the program. I went back to a previous nvidia driver which seemed to help the frame rate issue right after a new driver was released, but the game would still crash. I updated to the most recent driver that came out today, and again the screen will either freeze or the framerate drops to the point of not being playable anymore. I ordered the deluxe version of this game since I was a MASSIVE fan of the original, to the tune of 270 hours. I loaded it up just to make sure it wasn't some sort of game engine thing and it worked fine. I've tried a couple of the little tweaks and tips that people have thrown out there, maybe one will work, but for me the game isn't playable in it's current state. If this can't be fixed in the next couple of weeks I'm going to ask for a refund - I wont pay $60 for a game that crashes, freezes, or looks like complete garbage and is unplayable. I've loaded up and played a lot of other games to make sure it's not my PC, and everything else runs perfectly; witcher 3, world of warcraft, the first pillars, vermentide 2, all of them run flawlessly.
  2. I had some issues with random crashes when I got started, probably 2 or 3 times and I couldn't get off the ship in the opening area. This morning before I left for work I got maybe 20-30 minutes in before I turned it off and headed out, gameplay was smooth, no issues to be noted. Get home from work, download the 1.02 patch and now it runs maybe 15 fps at the most, more likely closer to 10. This makes the game unplayable, extremely disappointed. I've verified the game files and re-installed, adjusted graphics settings in game, adjusted nvidia control panel settings, nothing changes anything. Downloaded new nvidia drivers maybe 24 hours ago and did windows update earlier this week. I've had this game for almost a week and due to the crashes and unplayable state of the existing content I've got less than 2 hours in. I've built my own gaming PC and have been a PC gamer for 20+ years, and I can't remember the last time I've had these kinds of problems with a major release. Hope this gets patched up quick. My Specs: i5 6600k, asus z170 gaming mobo, 16g ram, gtx 1080ti, acer 27" 2560x1440 gsync monitor.
  3. So I'm not a power gamer and don't usually gimp my stats in favor of min/maxing (i.e.I don't want to take a 1 int. in favor of pumping might or dex for rp reasons). That being said, I'd like some opinions on weapon choices - I love the idea of a sword/dagger combo, but from a game mechanics standpoint which would be more viable as you progress through the game? Each combo gives you a slashing and a piercing weapon, but sabres offer obviously superior damage at a cost of reduced speed and less capability to get through dr, the rapier is a lot faster and gets decent ap but only hits as hard as a dagger. Is one combo better than the other in the majority of encounters? Or do you gain damage skills/buffs and better weapons as you progress to make the differences negligible? I like the idea of two fast weapons that I can get crit/sneak attack happy with high dex and light armor, two weapon fighting, etc. But again, I don't want to set myself up for frustrating encounters towards the end.
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