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  1. +1 for making the line of sight larger for explored areas and towns.
  2. Most of the times I used the cipher spell "Ringleader", the enemies are charmed for less then a second, even though it says they're dominated or charmed for 10-20 seconds. Is this a bug or is there something I don't know about? I didn't have problems like this with the "Puppet Master" spell.
  3. For me, having a overpowered Party happened at a certain point in the game, probably somewhere in the middle of act 2. I found (or bought, because I got rich suddenly) one magical item (armor and weapons) after another and my party started to level up really fast. I don't know which quests I did exactly, but I think quest xp and loot should be looked into as well. I still remember that I did all of the first bounty hunts and the endless paths until level 10. I don't think it would be right solution to only adjust the xp curves, also maybe to extreme (doubling it). Luckmann's idea of an expon
  4. Here's my wishlist for a big patch Improve the party's pathfinding issues (character often don't move around a character to attack an enemy) and make them walk around already detected traps. Don't level up the party members automatically to the player characters level when recruiting them. Please let the players decide themselves how to develope their party members. If needed, just add an "automatic level up" button to the level up screen. Add choosable different AI types for the characters like in the infinity engine games. I'd also 1+ every keep improvements - It's great to have a keep
  5. I've noticed the same bug, here's a more detailled description: Description: Apparently, every pet is supposed to improve "Accuracy" by 5, when equipped in the inventory Slot "Pet". For some pets, the accuracy Bonus isn't removed though when unequipping the pet. The following list is incomplete, because I don't have all pets yet. Pets that work correctly: -Beagle Dog -Black and White Cat Pets that don't work correctly: -Black Cat -Black Hound -Calico Cat -Yellow Lab Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Equip one of the pets from the list above in your inventory slot, remove it an
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