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  1. My PotD Monk leads my team in damage done, he is a beast. Max str/dex, high con. Wearing Eder's armor for second chance. (He also leads the team in damage taken lol.)
  2. Fully exiting the game, restarting, and loading up brought it back.
  3. Anyone know how to get it to come back? Clicked the lil arrow and it slid away and I can't figure out how to get it to come back lol.
  4. I haven't tried a solo Wizard either but it is one of my favorite classes. Started a POTD game last night with a monk and hired a wizard, at lvl 3 I got bulwark of the elements on her since she could get the other spells from Aloth's book. Bulwark let her tank the ghosts and fan of flames them down. Not sure if you could use this for a solo run but just wanted to give ya an idea.
  5. Had the retal armor on a hired barb my first time through the game. Maxed Might/Con/Int and she topped my party's damage by A TON. The barb passives/high con/stalwart defiance heal thing, allowed her to tank and top damage.
  6. I sometimes wish the compainions were less terrible as i like RPing but i find it easier to 'connect' to characters I have made Ya I agree the stats aren't ideal, but they don't make POTD impossible or anything. The worst part is some of the talent choices! First time using a monk on this run, think I found my new favorite class! Last run it was a hired barb with a 2h and the retalliation plate armor, she was supposed to offtank and ended up dealing the most damage in the team by far once she got sanguine armor and later the other one. Bulwark of the elements let my wizards tank shadows, love finding new ways to dominate the temple. I also am not running back and forth to inns, don't need all spells every fight. I do see the appeal of a cipher not being per rest on the spells though!
  7. Cipher is not mandatory. I beat the game on hard and now playing on POTD I don't even notice much of a spike in difficulty. (Probably due to game knowledge. Shadows and what not sucked on hard so I knew what to expect on POTD.) Rolling with my PC monk, a merc wizard, Eder, Aloth, Durance, and Kana. I like the party banter, so I play under my own weird rule of one hired adventurer.
  8. I made a dual wield rogue for my first playthrough on hard. As soon as I was able to I hired a barb and named her after my gf in a laughable attempt to stave off frustration of me sitting on my ass. I maxed Might/Con, never even took frenzy. The plan was to wear heavy armor and off tank for Eder via DR/talents/high con while dishing out some damage with a greatsword now and then. Worked like a charm. Next thing I know I wreck this group of adventurers stealing relics and get the Sanguine armor which has retaliate. This and a barbarian is amazing. My lil blonde tanked like a beast and by the end of the game did thousands upon thousands of damage more than anyone. Long story short. I love this game - and retal armor on a 2h carnage machine is amazing. Now trying to decide my main character and party for POTD!
  9. Anyone who completes this insane, tedious, did I mention insane, (but fun) challenge will have cheesed it up. Exploit is an exploit, no sense calling some "fair". The game was designed around a party. Good luck to all my fellow cheesers out there.
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