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  1. Yeah same thing on PC and it's just... wow. This is basically an unavoidable door in a main quest. How do you miss something like that in QA?
  2. I still have hope that there is some way to disable the ability animation so could you please clarify? When you have companion(s) with you and you press c or v (or the corresponding buttons on the gamepad if you are using one), don't you see an animation of a special attack by one of your companions?
  3. Does that mean there is an "unofficial" option? I would be ok with that even if it locked the main hero in some animation similair to reload animation or something like that.
  4. That's an important clarification... Anyway, I think there was an annoying killcam in FNV as well. Although as far as I remember it was possible to disable it.
  5. I'm close to finishing Monarch and since I arrived there and recruited Nyoka, she tossed away that can of whatever she is drinking somewhere around 75 times, according to my calculations. She can't be still alive, right? Compared to that, Vicar Max's tendency to turn around lazily and shoot from a shotgun he doesn't have is really not that bad... I tried pressing almost every button on my keyboard during the animation and looked through settings as thoroughly as possible but still nothing. This is especially weird since they thankfully decided to completely remove the unbearable killcam from Fallout 3&4 but instead added this thing...
  6. That should probably be "disagree". I meant that lighter armors would be more attractive if they gave bonuses to defences (well, rather it should be something like naked or silk-robed characters having the largest bonuses to deflection and reflex, medium armor halves those bonuses and plate removes it completely) and classes like monks, rogues and druids had bonuses in their trees to fighting lightly clothed. That sounds nice in theory and that's what I was trying to do initially but I completely failed to make my rogue benefit from that play style. Mid-game you have something like 8 or 10 guile (including the use of empower on your character) per encounter, if you use it only on escape and smoke veil you can maybe retreat from combat 6 times, but that means you are not using any of the heavy hitters like devastating blow or debilitating strike (for deathblows). And even the use of cheap escape is problematic since it reduces the uses of the smoke veil which you need for assassinate to proc. Isn't it better to stand in the midst of enemies and just spend guile on heavy hitting abilities (including attacking out of stealth)?
  7. Well, "fine" is good but have you tried scale or even plate on those hybrids? For me, it worked splendidly... The thing is I feel like the freedom to manoeuvre the battlefield with the rogue is more important than slightly higher attack speed and heavier armor grants that freedom because otherwise he gets focused and destroyed.
  8. So I created my character as a melee assassin rogue, high might and perception, low constitution and resolve. Initially, I thought that I should use lighter armor on him (+20% or even +0% recovery time) since he is a damage dealer and my guy was hitting like a truck, but dropping like a fly. I decided to experiment with heavier armor and to me, it looks like the melee squishes should wear the heaviest armor possible. The decrease in attack speed is not enough to justify the loss of survivability which as far as I can tell, at least doubled. I think the source of the problem is that there are no direct incentives to wear lighter armor except for the faster recovery speed. You don't get bonus defence(s) from wearing lighter armor and as far as I can tell, there is nothing in rogue's tree which would benefit the lighter armor directly. So... the nimble elf with cloak and dagger wearing the heaviest plate armor it is, or am I using the rogue wrong? One more thing... I wasn't able to find the answer on how the recovery time is calculated exactly. For example: (see the attached file) the base recovery speed is 4 seconds and the modifiers come to the grand total of... -5%, so the recovery time should be 3.8 but it's listed as 3.2 That means that either the tooltip is wrong or the recovery speed modifiers are not actually all additive which complicates things with evaluating the effect of armor on attack speed.
  9. As I said, I haven't finished the game yet so I don't want to read anything about the ending yet. At the same time I'm comletely confused by what's going on as is so I need to start the thread... kinda, sorta... Where are you getting this from? When and where did Josh address the topic? on his blog https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/ "It didn't seem strictly necessary", is he serious?! The plot doesn't make any sense without those explanations... Well, if it's true, Eothas is basically dealing with terrorists who took the whole world hostage and have to be destroyed with extreme prejudice so maybe he deserves some slack... On the other hand, it's possible that Engwithans saved all life from extinction (while taking away some small parts of the people's freedom in the process) and Eothas is just an angry fanatic and idiot. And that is exactly the choice the game gives to a player while the main character doesn't feel any need to figure out what is actually going on...
  10. Dude, you probably took on a lot of bounty hunting jobs, which are literally killing people... and other things for money. Why do those assassinations bother you?
  11. Disclaimer: I’m not particularly well-versed in the events of the PoE 1 and I still haven’t finished the PoE 2 so it’s entirely possible the answers to my question are out there. I also don’t want to browse the spoiler section of this forum too much because I plan to finish the game and I don’t want to know too much the upcoming events in advance. At the same time, I still feel compelled to ask this question because without the answers to it, the events of the game up to this point, well, doesn’t make much sense. So, here is the longer version of the question in the thread’s name. During the meeting with Eothas at Magran’s Maw, the divine troublemaker finally reveals his plan: go to Ukaizo and destroy the Engwithan soul machinery thus freeing the mortals of Eora from the influence of Engwithan false Gods. Well, ok so far… wait, what’s that about the threat to the living things in Eora? Then comes a meeting at Onekaza’s palace and: “We must do something or we will all die”. What? And finally, there is a meeting with Gods the Pallid Knight explains that the Beyond is a reservoir which is filled by souls, which are then reincarnated into the world of the living. In order for that to happen the Wheel is required and by destroying the Engwithan machinery on Ukaizo, Eothas is going to destroy the Wheel… WHAT?!!?!? Let me take a moment to describe my understanding of Eora’s metaphysics and history before this moment. I believe(d) that the cycle of reincarnation is a naturally occurring thing which is necessary for the existence of life in this world (since living things need souls to live and not be hollowborn and the amount of souls is finite and constant). Engwithans interfered into this cycle in order to create their gods (and later gods of everybody else) by using their machines to redirect the flow of souls (or something like that) so the destruction of machines should be the end of gods (unless Kith willingly decide to support the Gods) and let the cycle of reincarnation return to its original state. But based on the events at the Magran’s Maw and what followed, this is completely wrong. As it turns out, the Engwithan machines are what makes the Wheel turn and the cycle of reincarnation to work and the destruction of those machines will destroy the Wheel and stop the cycle. Which brings me to my final question: was there no cycle of reincarnation before Engwithans and their Gods? If the answer is “yes, there was no cycle”, how did the life existed before? If the answer is “no, there was a cycle”, why should the destruction of Engwithan machines suddenly prevent the Eoran life from reincarnating? The only other explanation goes something like that: “There was the Wheel before Engwithans, but their interference somehow made the Wheel dependent on their machines effectively taking all living things in Eora hostage”. But the problem with that is I can’t remember a single mention of anything like that so far (in particular, Eothas didn’t mention anything like that to explain his actions). So… What am I missing? (And I have a feeling that I’m missing quite a lot…)
  12. Well, the question is pretty much in the name of the thread. I'm desperately overleveled and most fights in quests without skulls feel like it's story mode (and not PotD) which effectively locks me out of like 20 active quests. It's especially inconvenient since, unlike the PotD, there was no warning that you can't turn the level scaling on after the start of the game... Maybe there is a way to do it via console, achievements be damned?
  13. Do you mean v1.0.2? Or is the 1.0.3 the upcoming patch which is not yet on Steam?
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