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  1. While many people still resent the inclusion of firearms in PoE, I've grown to embrace the opening salvo method. Though it is somewhat saddening that in terms of pure mathmatical DPS, firearms outclass bows in pretty much all cases except for overkilling a target.
  2. Personally I'm backing up my "objectbundle" folder. That way if I don't like the changes to certain abilities it should be fairly easy to make a house rule and revert individual abilities back to the old version.
  3. It would bias the game towards single-wielding a rapier or dagger, and HEAVILY PUNISH using a shield. Agree'd shifting armor to increase deflection instead of DR would just shift the bias towards accurate weapons inplace of DR bypassing weapons.
  4. I start with Mind Blades, because I have full focus at the start of every fight--I only have to gain focus after I've spent some. Is this not normal? Starting a fight with full focus is not normal. At the very beginning of a new combat, Ciphers should only have half their maximum focus pool.
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