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  1. Im not sure if this was answered yet regarding the Thieves Letter in the Doemenel Quest Chain. -I never did the warehouse -First entering Defiance Bay, I did Temple Woedica, Hermitage Hill, Sanitorium, and Dyrford Ruins before heading to Lady Webb. -From Lady Webb, went straight to House Doemenel, escorted to Abecan who sends me to fetch the letter. -Upon entering I have a different dialogue option that says "Relax. Abecan Doemenel sent me, he wants the letter back." -Then answering anything except "If you want to work for House Doemenel in the future, I suggest you make this easy." leads
  2. i am thankful for the bug fixes, even though not all of them were fixed. But so far in each of my characters all I am experiencing is nerf kingdom. why nerf so many skills? its not like 'balance' was needed. (we don't pvp) This patch should have affected only New Games created and started. I have spent hours upon hours playing happily and spec my characters a certain way, now its ruined each of my games and I no longer can play them the same way. /thumbs down
  3. My level 12 Cipher now only starts with 45 Focus. /sigh
  4. For such an aweful, game stopping bug, will the devs please spend some time fixing this? It's happened to multiple characters of mine, some were so far along in game play that it's completely discouraging to go back 30 hours of game play to reload a previous save. Some game options will not allow me to go back to a "good" file. I do love this game. I just would like the comfort of playing my characters with the spells/skills they were designed for without having to repeat tons of hours of gameplay. I can not pinpoint exactly when it happens: all I can tell, is that the spell or sk
  5. i would like to thank everyone for their posts on this thread. I should have read these before I started, I have learned so much! My Cipher is level 7 in middle of Act II and my build is: Might 18 (-1 Orlan, +1 Living Lands), Con 15, Dex 18, Per 12 (9 base, +1 The Pilgrims Lasting Vigil, +2 Orlan), Int 12, Resolve 5 (3 base +1 The Pilgrims Lasting Vigil, +1 Orlan). Stealth 7, Athletics 3, Lore 6 I use Hold Wall (Arbalest) to start and as soon as melee begins I switch to Duel Wield Stilettos (One of which is Azureiths Stiletto, which says it "grants Jolting Touch"). That stiletto is amazi
  6. ...now that made me laugh. Anyone find the Vault that we have permission to empty out? Can we please have the ability of taking over the Keep if we kill everyone? Its in great shape!
  7. Its so sad to see a perfectly good fortified Hold go to waste. I wish we could occupy it and become the Lord of the land after killing both. Anyone find the Holds Vault yet? I am still reading questions around this. Thanks in advance!!
  8. I just finished clearing the castle: I killed Raedric because his rationale is brutal to his people and his own wife and baby. I didn't like what I heard about Kolsc, then when he entered the throne room with all his mannerisms I Really didn't think he would make a good leader either. So I killed him also and all his men. Now I would like to know: is there any way I can take over the castle as my own personal stronghold? Or did I just royally mess up this storyline here? Will it remain permanently abandoned? I honestly thought, given the choices, that I would make a better ruler. Lol
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