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  1. warriors get high accuracy per level up, so they are probably better suited for damage dealing than paladins (which doesn't really mean much ) haven't really tried to play a dps warrior, but my Eder tank isn't half bad at dishing out some pain despite the fact he's specced for sword and board duty and is in def stance all of the time. warriors don't seem to have a whole lot of dps abilites (do they even have any?), but a dps fighter with the ability to knock down stuff probably isn't a bad thing. i think when someone is knocked down attackers have a higher chace to hit/crit, so the twice
  2. the name sounds meso-american. might be inspired by some Aztec/Olmec/Mayan name. i guess if you try to spell it like some meso-american name it may be easier? if you ever played one of the civ games, some of those pre-columbian nations had similar city names. even if you never played civ games you probably heard some of the more prominent names like "Tenochtitlan" or "Chichen Itza" in some context (i'm sure i made at least one spelling mistake in one of the two name ). not really sure from the in-game lore if there is a connection to those cultures, though.
  3. i don't think the mechanic per se is too bad. it's just a bit strange that a wizard suddenly learns to "regenerate" alls his weaker magical powers after combat without needing a rest. and all of that in the transistion from level 8 to 9. i agree with thos who suggested that the mechanic should have been introduced more granular. maybe get one per encounter level 1 spell when you unlock level 3 spells, another "free" level 1 spell and maybe one free level 2 spell when you make it to level 4 spells etc. Or something along that line. also. i liked the idea of making the bonus level 1/2/3 spe
  4. don't think 8/10 is unfair for PoE. it's a beatiful work of art, a well written story and (unfortunately) a pretty basic and slightly boring combat system with some balance issues. i like the story, the setting and especially the artwork, but combat is an important part of the game, so IMO it doesn't deserve more than an 8/10. on the other hand, i also played D:OS. i liked it a lot when i played it. combat was very fun (though i have to admit i liked it much better than POE because it's turn based. never liked RTwP systems). overall the game world felt less polished in DO:S and a lot of
  5. i always enjoyed lower level RPGs more, so i'm not too concerned with the cap at level 12. many games have higher caps, but in those games you usually breeze through the levels quickly, which sort of trivializes the "level up" experience. and frankly, many games with high level caps would have been better with less but more meaningful levels. I hope they don't go overboard on the level cap with an expansion or sequel. i'm not a huge fan of high level gameplay in D&D style games. especially if the vanilla game or the first expansion takes you to the traditional max level of the game sy
  6. the max supplies are tied to the difficulty, so the reasonable thing would be to just lower the difficulty to normal or easy instead of wasting your real life time running back to town after 3 encounters. makes more sense than asking devs/modders to make the game easier on the setting you chose.
  7. i kinda like the lack of kill XP. makes non-violent quest solutions useful. in other games i often ignore stuff like infiltration quests or stealth because killing the mobs outright gives more XP and thus more power in the long run. or the horrible "do the stealth/diplomacy thing first and then still slaughter the goblins afterwards" XP grinding. yeah you can easily avoid that problem by not doing it, but it's easier to resist if there is no reward for unneeded, excessive violence
  8. so far i'm finding the hard difficulty a decent challenge. i guess it may be too easy if you run a party of min/max custom characters. i think hard mode is balanced for "realistic" characters (like the story NPCs). also, it probably helps to play the game the way it was intended (i.e. conserve spells/ per rest abilites and try to clear maps/dungeons without excessive running back to town for extra camping supllies/free camping). it's probably much easier if you just use up all your spell slots in 1-2 fights and run back to town afterwards? i had plenty of wipes in the early stages. aft
  9. I think you also get a higher camping supply capacity on low difficulties. You can only carry 2 camping supplies on hard, so you can't just fire all of your spells every encounter and camp afterwards. i typically try to solve encounters with just the "per encounter" powers and maybe one or two lvl 1/2 buff/debuff spells and only fall back to mass "per rest" powers/spells for the harder "bossfight" encounters or in emergencies. (well, technically you can still spam all your powers in each encounter if you are willing to run back to town to replenish your supply and/or use the free camping i
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