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  1. Meh, screw it, I'll throw my whole write up on here. I'll throw 99 points at it so I can give somebody else 1. edit: Also, I didn't include it initially, but I guess there's no reason this can't also have Spirit Shark, or even other different forms. I'm one of those hippie loser art guys, so I'm not entirely sure what is and isn't possible on the mod section of this, but compromises can obviously be made. I also wasn't exactly finished, so to speak, with the abilities.... this was just kind of a first draft to discuss with people. Bold typically means new stuff, as in, new abilities and strings. I tried to keep everything balanced within the current game world, and aside from the Stag move, I think all the effects/statuses already exist in game, just need number tweaking and pulled from other abilities. Spirit Shaman +Sub-Classes - Spirit Boar/Bear/Wolf/Stag/Lion Class description: The original idea of the Spirit Shaman was actually just a sub-class of the druid that would focus entirely on a single spiritshift form, empowering it and forgoing spells for the extra melee or tank potential. Similar to the shifter, but instead of just default attacks and popping from form to form, you get an actual set game style based on how you want to play as a more specialized shape shift. Each sub-class of the spirit shaman is actually a separate form based on the base forms of each druid spiritshift. New recourse: Vigor. Instead of Spells, the Spirit Shaman uses Vigor for it's abilities instead. Charm Beast [1 Vigor] Spiritshift form changes: Boar: Plowing Tusk [2 Per Encounter]: Charge like skill. Wolf: Replace Knock Down: Alpha Howl [1 Per Encounter]: Grants 2 to all resources for self and allies in range. Cat: Replace Cat Flurry: Rend and Tear [1 Per Encounter]: (Whispers of the Wind from the monk, but it only deals 50% damage as a primary attack, but causes a raw damage bleed on all enemies hit) Stag: Spiritual Gather [2 Per Encounter]: Pulls nearby enemies to the Stag (Like 1 tick of pull of eora, but only effects foes) (If possible, this one needs visual effect changes, it would be the most complicated of all things so far, the idea is to have it look like spirit stags are charging in, pushing them to the character. Thinking about it, this one sounds complicated as hell.) Bear: Replace Terrifying Roar: Maul: [1 Per Encounter]: Your attacks recover instantly for 5 seconds. You cannot use abilities for 5 seconds. After ending, you become Dazed for 5 seconds. Feral Spirit [2 Vigor] : Same as Berserker's Frenzy, but no Carnage or Confusion, incurs -10 reflex as well as deflection, and -5 accuracy. Taste of the Hunt [2 Vigor] Spirit Swipe [1 Vigor] : Short range strike in a cone, +10% Damage. Upgrade: Knockdown Vicious Strike [2 Vigor, Upgrade: 3 Vigor] : (Just Barbaric Blow minus carnage) Upgrade: Soul Strike: Crit refunds Vigor cost. Infectious Bite [2 Vigor] - Toxic Strike from rogue Sharpened Fur [2 Vigor] : Flame Shield from Mage, but deals high piercing damage instead of fire and gives slash armor rating. Entropy [3 Vigor] Spiritual Attunement: This is a passive you get on creation, extends the duration of your spiritshift form for 5 seconds every time you use any ability. Greater Spiritual Attunement: This will turn your spiritshift form into a toggle that can be on or off at all times (if possible). If that isn't possible, then just have it make spiritshift last forever or longer than any fight could go on. If possible, this is where I'd like to add minor visual changes to all the forms. Shaman Spirit Auras Protector Spirit: +2 Enemies Engaged, +1 Armor per Engaged Target. Upgrade: Hearty Protector Spirit: +5 Health restored per 3 seconds. Aggresor Spirit: +5% Hit to Crit. Upgrade: Feral Aggresor Spirit: +10 Accuracy. Averting Spirit: Uses Reflex for all Deflection checks. Upgrade: Determined Averting Spirit: Uses Fortitude for all Mind checks. Passives 1. Arms Bearer, Fast Runner, Spiritstrike Freeze/Shock/Burn/Corrode (Wildstrike with flavor) 2. Weapon Masteries 3. Bear's Fortitude, Bull's Will, Snake's Reflex, Combat Focus, Greater Spiritstrike Upgrades 4. Penetrations, +1 Vigor, Ox's Endurance (+10 Fortitude, Resist Constitution Afflictions), Leopard's Agility (+10 Reflex, Resist Dexterity Afflictions), Crow's Cunning (+10 Will, Resist, Perception Afflictions) 5. Tough, Uncanny Luck, Battle Fervor (Gain +1 Vigor on kill) 6. Improved Critical, Spell Resistance, Gorilla's Hide(+1 Armor Rating, Resist Might Afflictions) 7. Empower Boosts, Frenzy Spiritstrike Upgrade 8. Greater Soul, Camel's Resilience (Revive on Defeat once per encounter at half health, Resist Resolve Afflictions), Sloth's Stoicism (Gain +1 armor every 6 seconds you don't move, Resist Intellect Afflictions), Bloodlust (+25% damage to enemies suffering from Damage over Time effects.) 9. Prestige, Spiritstrike Upgrade 3 (Frozen Heart, Electric Heart, Searing Heart, Acidic Heart) Spiritstrike 3 boosts: These are meant to be very powerful and diverse to compensate for not being multi-class Frozen Heart: +5 Freeze Armor Rating, +2 Armor Rating, Enemies are slowed when striking you (-30% action speed debuff) Electric Heart: +15 Reflex, -20% Recovery Speed. Searing Heart: +15% more Fire damage (40% total), +2 Penetration Acidic Heart: -2 Armor on enemies you hit, Enemies that hit you damage their weapons (-40% damage debuff), Immune to Corrosive/Decay/Poison damage.
  2. I've already done most of a write up for this, but I figure I can throw it here too. Spirit Shaman My idea was originally just a druid sub-class, similar to a shifter but instead of just a poor gimmick with all forms, the class would be entirely based around a single form (of your choosing) and forgo almost all spells. However, since this idea involved changing your actual resources, as well as altering the tree slightly for each transformation, it now has moved into the idea of an entire Class, with a separate sub-class for each form. I'm not going to go too far into detail here, but the class would function like a multi-class Druid with a separate martial class for melee abilities, except it will be entirely self-sufficient. You'll still have a very few select druid spells, but they will function more like a sub-class boost, similar to Trickster rogue spells or Skaen priest melee abilities. At this point, the 'idea' phase of the build is about 70% - 85% done, but the actual modding part is.... about negative 6% finished.
  3. Good to know this is possible now, the mod I was thinking of can take advantage of this completely. The original idea behind the mod was a seperate sub-class for Druid, but now I think something like a "Spirit Shaman" could work even better, and each sub-class being a different one of the spiritshift forms, but with a more spectral appearance. I did a whole big ass write up on this if anyone is interested. (passive progression, skills, changes, etc.) I'd have to change a lot of flavor to fit the new idea though. Edit: You can do that right? Add a visual effect to a skill like spiritshift? Pretty sure there was a mod that changed the Fury shift into a sort of see-through version of your character this way right?
  4. Like the title says, would it be possible for example to change a Druid's resources from Nature, to a different new resource that used max points, like Barb/Fighter/Monk/etc? Or would you essentially just need to make it a sub-class to a different class and just pretend it's still a druid? Also, can you designate new resources? Like it would be the exact same as the others, just a new name. Edit: Additionally, could you make an entirely NEW class and add sub-classes to that?
  5. Sort of on the topic of this, @peardox do you know if it's possible to actually open/view/edit the games visual assets? Models, textures, effects, or even just icons? I may not be much of a technical modder but visual stuff like this is my career... well... it's going to be soon, but games like this, warframe, etc, are how I'm going/would like to build a bigger portfolio.
  6. I've found that the JSON plugin (I'm using JSToolNpp) can be a little persnickety. What I've found most reliable is to use the JSFormat option in JSTool. That has given me the cleanest version to play with. If you're already doing that, then ignore this bit. Everything that is modded gets loaded up on game startup, which means a game has to be quit completely and then restarted for any mods to take affect. So reinstall shouldn't be in the cards. As for the rest... Since I'm not exactly sure what your trying to do here, I really can't be of more help. When you say "make a new separate condition based on it", what is it exactly you're trying to accomplish? I fixed the Notepad ++ issue with the most stupid solution... I had to run it OFF of administrator mode (I've become so used to running everything with it on it's default now.) As for what I'm actually trying to do it's really simple so I can learn what I'm doing. There's a mod on the flail Sungrazer called "Return Orbit" that gives a 10% chance for the character to recover instantly on hit. I'm just trying to create a new instance of that Ability, except at 100% instead. There's no way to access this ability naturally of course, but I had thought with the way the Unity Console mod worked, I would be able to add it on to items (like all other itemmod values) Edit: I do realize (now) that another ability exists that already does this for characters, as a permanent buff, but I didn't know that when i started, and at this point I just want to figure it out so I can know I'm doing things right before I start trying to create the actual Mod I want.
  7. Yeah, I took a deeper look at your stringtable file, and the XML is all messed up. You have spaces all over the place where you shouldn't. Right now it looks like this: < ? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8" ? > < StringTableFile xmlns : xsi = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns : xsd = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" > < Name > game \ itemmods < / Name > < Entries > < Entry > < ID > 8899 < / ID > < DefaultText > Total Recovery < / DefaultText > < FemaleText / > < / Entry > </Entries> </StringTableFile> It should look something like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <StringTableFile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>game\itemmods</Name> <Entries> <Entry> <ID>8899</ID> <DefaultText>Total Recovery</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> </Entries> </StringTableFile> (Yes, keep that space in <FemaleText />. That tells the game that there isn't anything to be processed there. I've seen similar things in various conversationbundles) Preeeety sure that's how it should look, but I haven't been messing around with stringtables much. Hope this helps. That could be an issue in other places, My Notepad++ doesn't like Json files even with the plugin, so I have to do big stupid round-a-bouts to get files in there effeciently, and it seems like extra chunks of space or whatever get shoved in. I'm using glogg to open the large text files, copy and paste em into notepad++, then JSON format them, but now that I think, I don't think the format worked properly for the string table file. Tried it - Progress! So, the game isn't broke anymore.... However I'm not sure if my files actually did anything lol. I had planned to use the Unity Console mod to add the effect to something to test it out, assuming the console queried your files, but I'm left with 3 possibilities... 1. It only queries your files on install, so I have to reinstall it. 2. It only has it's own vanilla list and changing that would mean modding the mod. or 3. My crap just didn't work.
  8. Tried another idea, thinking maybe string variables could only be up to 4 digits, no luck. These are my most up-to-date files. Total Recovery62920181221.zip
  9. I think I actually had this fixed in my latest file (I was updating the override file but not the one I ended up uploading here) but I went back to check and make sure. Still no dice, when I load up the game it literally breaks everything, I can't continue or load games (little turning gear icons) and even the Berath's blessings are all screwed up. Another edit I changed that isn't in those files is the stringtable. I took out the <NextEntryID> and <EntryCount> lines, since other mods had not used them.
  10. Well first off, your file needs to be called totalrecovery.gamedatabundle instead of totalrecovery.gamedatatable. Haven't looked at anything else in it, but that absolutely needs to be done. edit Secondly, you have a trailing comma after a "}" at the very bottom of your file. It's on the third to last line, and that'll cause some problems as well. That's a fairly common problem, especially if you're just copy-n-pasting stuff. Ah, I actually uploaded an older version and didn't realize.... I did actually fix both of those issues, but I got the same results in game.
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