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  1. All the silliness aside, can someone tell me what was on the second patch after the 853 MB one? I can't seem to find a log anywhere. But Steam is downloading 579 MB of files.
  2. Does it changes the 'Days passed' number in game, or just the year? If it's just the year, I guess I can keep playing. I used to write fake dates in my own journal as well just for screwing with anyone else trying to read my diary. Maybe my character does the same thing.
  3. The bug is easy to miss in beta and QA. It's not like everyone saves and loads everywhere or checks their stats every time. And the bug is very easy to avoid, AND there is a temporary fix for it already. I don't see what the big fuss is about. It's not like patches grow on trees. Give them time to analyse the problems, produce a working solution, test it and release it. I wish there was a patch tree.
  4. Anyone knows what is causing this issue so I can avoid it?
  5. Hi, Is this the patch that is coming this week or one that will come later? I'm asking because I want to know if I should start playing now or wait for this week's patch. I finally made up my character. Only took 4 days, but still.... worth it.
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