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  1. I'm only on normal, but it felt really good beating this encounter. It took a lot of luck just not to miss with spells, but I petrified 1 dragon and used ciphers...sanctuary or w/e on the other. Melee rushing down Llandreth and healing through the orb was the easy part (though annoying when she polys the best melee). Living through a dragons breathe if you're not ready for the pop was rough. She drops Llandreths spell book which is cool.
  2. Howdy pals. I'm trying to level The Greenstone Staff and Stormcaller, and am on tier 2 of both items. Stormcaller wants me to kill kith Druids, and I have killed 2 but it is not registering on my inspect sheet. The same goes with Greenstone Staff and Blights. I assume by the text, that it wants to make sure I have "final hit", so I made sure to exclusively auto attack with both items with only the characters who have the items equipped, yet it is still not registering. Is it a bug where it's merely not displaying it? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding? Also, while in druid I made s
  3. I pulled some a few at a time to a small side room by the stairs. You can block off the doorway to only have 1-2 in melee at a time. Sorry that doesn't quite answer the question, just thought you might want to try your original intention.
  4. Yeah, essential phantasm or something. Also, druid does summon a...elemental? Some slow ass flying thing that looks kinda lame imo.
  5. Meh, I think 8/10 is still good. I like Pillars, but do kind of wish they included more of a 3rd person perspective. I remember first playing Dragon Age: Origins and thinking it felt like a natural evolution of those old IE games. 2 & 3 not so much. But dat origins bro
  6. Having to mosey up to the 2nd floor is Brighthollow isn't terrible, but it is pretty damn annoying.
  7. On my second playthrough I'm just going to murder everyone. See what the ending thinks of THAT
  8. Not really a fan of wounds, as it's pretty damned unreliable. I'd much rather see a similar point system instead build up similar to Soul Whip, but deteriorate after combat. Maybe also deteriorate points with misses.
  9. 120 deflection on a level 5 fighter? How? <.<; 120 deflection by level 5 does sound a little bonkers I'd imagine it would have to revolve around talents
  10. I'm not even sure what this is supposed to mean, but I agree and will also never eat nutella again.
  11. When Obsidian had their hand out asking for money, it wasn't an issue being in the game.
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