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  1. Killed him on the frist try and without the 3 support heroes you can recruit on veteran. Yep i'm here just to say that.
  2. So you have to keep using this talent to add stacks? You cant add stacks with just normal attacks? Really? Wtf That is a complete waste of time no? You have to waste 2 level up choices and then basicaly all your bond for probably 4 or 5 fights to get the max stack. And then it only works on one race? And gets wiped when u rest Am i reading this correctly? I respectfully disagree. I actually think that doing it this way makes the use of the ability more tactical. It forces you make a conscious decision to use Hunters Claw often to prepare for a specific fight where it may be useful, or to use other abilities. I could see it being useful in the Hanging Sepulchers, for instance. You don't really need to blow off all your nice abilities in the earlier fights- but could use those earlier, easier fights to stack Hunters Claw on vessels in preparation for the possible battle with Yseyr. It also has the added benefit of making resting not necessarily the best option to prepare before a big fight. It comes at a huge cost for very little benefit that might not even pay off. A first time player would not be able to use this ability pretty much at all. If you had alot of meta knowledge from previous playthroughs you may be able to set this ability up for " the big boss fight" where you will have maybe an extra +10 to 15 Accuracy and 10- 15% extra damage. Even if you do pull it off that is alot of work to get to this very underwhelming point at the cost of a huge amount of bond. You would have to fight through multiple fights applying the talent in MELEE (not using ranged ) to get these numbers. Im sorry but this is beyond stupid. Obsidian you do some really great things and some really stupid things and this is the absolute crowning moment of your stupidity. Why introduce such great and varied talents that have such little payoff at such a huge cost? And again the extra accuracey is just not needed. Rangers allready have about 5 talents they can pick to increase accuracy. Why introduce another one? Completely beyond stupid. It doesn't take meta knowledge to know that there will likely be undead in a crypt. (Hanging Sepulchers) It also doesn't take meta knowledge to know that an island invaded by a mysterious enemy will likely be of the same type/race. (Naga in Hasongo) You probably see where I'm going with this- there are other examples. It's good game design to have enemies varied, but of a similar thematic design to tie down narrative; it wouldn't make sense to have a pack of wolves hanging around in a sealed crypt. So, because of that, this ability essentially takes advantage of the fact that you are usually going to find enemies of the same type throughout the various encounters in any given area/dungeon. Even if you blindly go around whacking things with Hunters Claw, your still going to run into enemies of the same type in the same area.* It's up to you whether to use the per-encounter resources for the stacking potential of Hunters Claw or to not. *yes, I realize this is a generalization- there's going to be some variety in enemy type/race, but in general it holds true. Yeah. The tomb on Neketaka. Let's say you get there about level 9. The place has around 9 encounters and you use on a vessel with dual wield being mandatory. You would have to hold the party and fight 1x1 to spend all your resources on a few enemies to get 18 hits ( you spent around 9 resources + empower) the next fight you are set to go. It's already meta to fight 1x1 just to raise the stacks. This sound stupid, since it's like you lost all your knowledge from a race just by targeting another one. However, it's funcional in this case. Now you will fight a dragon (beast) however all the enemies there are nagas (wilder). But who whould guess there was a dragon there? So now i will have to find a beast to 1x1 and get more stacks. If you play normaly you would spend more than half the encounters spaming hunters claws on enemies than everthing else. Also it is dumbed down on 2H and 1H. I would rather use some other combination of skills to increase the ACC than use hunter's claws and that bad VFX The only place this skill is really amazing is on PToD single run.
  3. Sadly i was expecting more full attack options and animations for 2H - Sword and Board - SH because the next DLC is more combat oriented. It's not so hard - A bashing is implemented already in other shields since POE1, just need to add more damage (based on the shield deflection and add an affliction to it) 2H could do increased damage or bonus penetration and SH gives assured critical plus +25% critical dmg. We don't want dual wield to be nerfed, just the other options to be as cool. The new ranger skill is kinda odd. Why people would spend that much time fiddling with enemies if Accurate Wounding Shot already gives Full Attack, adds +20 ACC and 20% weapon damage as Raw? and costs only 1 bound? Maybe i'm getting it wrong and all attacks receives this bonus AC and Damage. However if this is the case the player will have to always play the game in a meta fashion, breaking the imersion and increasing cheesing tactics. Lets take the BoW DLC as example. First the player enters in a encounter with kith, use the skill and get out of the fight, reseting everything except the bonus. Now he will destroy all the kith in combat with the added damage and ACC. However he wiil need beast for the last boss. So time to use it on a resetable encounter. Build the stacks to max on a beast and go back to the boss. People will start saving encounters to match bosses' racial or do what i'm doing and just pick one, maximize it and forget about it. IMO a better way to do this would be a cumulative passive that can be chosen multiple times versus each race (+5 AC and 5% dmg per improvement since all the ranger skills have no dmg increase to a max of +20AC and +20%dmg for single and 10AC + 10% for multi ) much like the druids passives. This way the player could build the ranger closer to a slayer than a hunter. That will bring back the classic themes of a ranger. The way it is adds an unecessary and boring complexity. Slayer of Kith, Beasts and ETC. Like PL II +5 +5 PL IV +10 +10 PL VIII + 15 + 15 PL IX +20 + 20. If another skill is needed you can do something as "Prey on the Weak" (whatever the name ) Full attack +10 AC if the enemy is suferring from a DoT the skill make the wounds rupture itself dealing the ticks instantly and aditional raw dmg based on pl. ( the earlier applied Dot) Upgrades - Feed from the Strong" If the enemy is hurt or above the ranger gains the tenacious buff for 10 sec. Weak pack - When enemy wounds rupture the enemies around are weakened. and maybe Nature's strike. Primary AC+10 The ranger deals raw damage as poison for X secons. Upgrades Virulency - If the enemy dies while affected by the poison it spreads to other enemies. Decay The poison causes enfeebled affliction. In my humble opinion this would make Ranger way more fun and interesting to play. The way it is the class can be considered his compations' pet and not the otherway around. Thanks for reading and sorry for bothering.
  4. I'm still wishing they make a special propriety for full attacks on shields, one handedand 2H
  5. Full Attacks made while dual wielding will now receive a -35% penalty to the damage they deal. NEEEEEEERF yep. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105415-v210-is-now-available-on-the-beta-branch/
  6. I had no issues running 1080p. Do you mean 4:3 resolutions? Do they even make modern displays in 4:3 resolution? Nope, i end up with tiny unreadable letters or huge ones. My TV is 1360 x 760 but i can run MHW and other games on 1080p but not POE2
  7. 1- Full attacks meaning something to other weapons besides dual wield. - Shields the character does a shield bash delivering the dmg based on the deflection bonus multiplied by power level modifier as crushing and an affliction (depending of the type of shield - small shields means longer effects and big shields are more damage focused) Single swords have assured critical and a critical modifier - Two handed does maximum damage and receives increased Pen. (rebalancing some skills will be needed) 2- Proper optimization because i'm tired of long loading screens, stutters and frozen screens. 3- More improvements of lower abilities that you can buy by going past level 20, so you don't need a level cap, as you have an ability cap now. You keep being level 20 but will be added ( epic by the side) like Level 20 (1) Epic. Meaning you have EPIC improvements. You can't buy new abilities or passives past 20. 4- Sanguine plate 5- Play as Bleak Walker and a Priest of Berath would be nice without a mod. Thanks. 6- Ydwin becoming a companion (that is a must for everyone) 7- More TV resolutions,. The game don't let me put the resolution on 1080. A lot of the games, including the bad ports, allows me to do that. 8 - More Subclasses
  8. I run MHW on top settings without any fps Drop. I cast a spell on PoE2 my fps goes to ****. I crit people to gibs and my fps goes to ****. Every combat is 5 seconds figthing and 2 admiring a frozen screen. Still better optimized than Batman arkham knight anyway.
  9. Sadly one handed is not optimal, maybe only if you get monk as a multiclass because the chance to do two or more hits on critical strikes. I tried sort of a "Saint blade". Got a Devoted fighter (+2 pen and +25% critical damage) + 25% chance from disciplined barrages + 20% chance from one handed weapons + 10% chance from fair favor and + 2% per hit from Min's Fortune +5% uncanny luck = 62 % critical chance. Extra damage goes 25% from devoted + 10% from Fair Favor + 15% from Min's Fortune + 10% from improved critical + 25% from precognition. 75% critical damage. My monk is a Helwalker. So usually i ended up with +10 Might, but to survive i got. -10% damage from the undying burden. - 75% damage from critical from precognition. - 5% weapon damage from Garari Cuirass - 15% incoming hits converted to grazes Garari Cuirass From skills - Refreshing Defense. - Unbending Trunk - Iron Wheel - blade turning For increased damage, because full attack don't work on single or 2handed. My main damage skills are Mule Kick (+25% damage) and Skyward Kick (+50% damage) Adding all the stats from gear and buffs i got about (with berath blessings) 38 - 43 Might (depending food and rest buffs) - 16 base + 2 blessing + 1 gift from the machine + 1 sacrifice + 2 gauntlets + 1 ring + 10 wounds subclass + 5 Thunderous Blows. 33 Cons - 14 base + 2 blessing + 2 belt + 5 priest buff + 10 Iron wheel 21 dex - 14 base + 2 blessing + 5 buff (quick) 17 Int - 10 base + 2 blessing + 5 priest buff 14 Per - 12 base + 2 blessing 14 Res - 12 base + 2 blessing 13 DR - 5 base + 4 legendary + 1 armor skill + 3 iron wheel. 15 - 18 Pen - 7 base + 4 Legendary + 2 Devoted + 2 Thunderous blows + 3 modal (don't remember if its 2 or 3)
  10. Oh ****. I like boats, despite not knowing how to swim, usually i drink beverages with friends, that are sometimes **** and mutiny about my leadership skills from time to time. I must be a pirate D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMhfbLRoGEw Jokes aside. I played my first run as a mercenary, so i was more like a bounty hunter than a pirate. My current run is as an Scholar, so i'm more focused on finding ruins and discovering ancient stuff. However, in another run i was a insane pirate prone to destroy everyone and life itself.
  11. I was dreaming that full attacks with single hand/ 2h and bows would do something like dual wield =/
  12. So, if this is the case, what happens if you skip directly to Ukaizo? Who do you fight? Is it explained how the other factions know where it is? I'm assuming the ending slide would be the same as the "go it alone" option. You can't skip to Ukaizo, because the change in the map with the transition to it is a scripted event after Maw's destruction.
  13. I can say the overall felling i had while playing POE2 was the same i had in Fallout 3 and 4. I must find my dad! I must save my son! However the world, quests and interactions are way more fun than chasing the god. On my last playthrough I did all main quest, up to Ukaizo, after that I did all the other quests. It was way more fun.
  14. As a fan of cosmic horror, I do agree on how stupid it is to defy a colossus avatar of a god. However, the narrative could present the second coming of Eothas, much like a second Saint War, and put the factions into a power struggle arround the discovering of Ukaizo. So you could have 4 factions and a unstopable force. I would also cut Hasongo entirely or make it a side quest, nagas attacked a port and the RDC sent the player to help. Poko Kahara is more well structured and important Storywise than a pillar used as a lighthouse. The destruction or redemption of Eothas would be half of the game. After that some of the old locations would be used in new quests, linking how the player has solved the previous quests, in a open war involving the factions for the control of the Deadfire and Ukaizo. In the end the destiny of the Wheel would be decided directly by the player. I think they did the Broken Wheel as mandatory to allow an easy canon storyline for the third game. I belive it will be a classic take on CRPGs. You will be able to interact and probably kill or uplift one or more gods.
  15. Sadly, all the summons spells are from chanter. If you really like summons you should play a Wilderhymer (Ranger + Chanter) Is fun, even if you make a melee character. Beckoner/troubador and Ghost Heart/Stalker are amazing combinations for players that love pets.
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