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  1. It is about kana`s "at the sight of their commrades their hearts grew bolder" it should give + 10 fortitude and +10 will If i have a cape equipped that also gives me 10 will i do not get the bonus from the chant. is this intended? id hope not because eventually you will have a lot of gear with various buffs to fortitude intelect watever and that pretty much makes most buffing chants useless. or am i doing something wrong?
  2. So i found this item that gives the following Burn DR bonus +5 resistance Freeze Dr bonus +5 resistance Spell holding Woodskin Now...when i equip it to my PC (cypher lvl 5) i get a whoping +19 to both burn and freeze resistances Eder and Kana get +17 to each if i equip it to either of them These characters have no other burn / freeze protection ( zero) without the item Now when i equip it to someone like aloth who has + 9 burn / freeze it turns it into +14 each...which is right...and the same is true for durance Also what does spell holding woodsking mean? i cant cast that spell nor does it appear on my characters?
  3. Thanx for the heads up ! And thank god this ****storm is finnaly over and everyone here can get back to important things...like playing the game
  4. So how far is it safe to play...i restarted and i`m a cypher about to enter the first village. I`m on hardest diff and only use in game copanions not the ones that we can make. So am i good? what should i expect.?
  5. Though it is kinda of sad that you must always expect major bugs on releases nowadays...i mean some of the bugs that PE has are by no means some simple typo`s . Thank you Darren, it`s still a great game and you guys are going to make it better still. I think that`s where a part of the frustration comes from...the game`s good and ppl want to play it
  6. Or playing with 117 deflection Eder Gog is very good in spite of this...i`m a big supporter of gog so ill continue to buy things from them. but to each his own
  7. Wow...you`re good at twisting the knife you know that Annyway maybe when i`m finnaly able to play it most of the bugs will be fixed
  8. What seriously if i have a GoG version and the update is tomorrow i wont be able to dl it till monday? damm that sucks
  9. Racing towards the deadline...pressure as it approached said deadline...the game being pretty expansive so more things that could go wrong...maybe a lil bit of dev and beta tester exhaustion after a long development cycle/ backer beta. Any number and combination of the above, probably more reasons that i can`t think of right now.
  10. I`d prefer a patch that fixes the game breaking stuff (for me at least) like stat gain or lose problems items messing up characters and so on. Though id like the patch to be released yesterday i wouldn`t want them to rush it fixing half of the issues only and creating twice as many...as it was the case with some games ! So you guys go ahead and do what you do best ( make the game epic)
  11. When do you guys think the patch will come out? any hints in the forum? being as lazy as i am i did not search it very much...i know the devs said this week. Other than that?
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