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  1. I am a Skaen priest, Skaen hates Aggressive disposition so I never pick that option in dialogues. Then in the quest Burning Bridges with Rinco, I chose to force him to confess and take the money that single choice made me a rank 1 aggressive WTF? This is too quick no?
  2. Thank you guys! Can someone also test if there are still 4 ranks in disposition and is there a difference in damage between rank 3 and 4?
  3. the description of this spell is weird In my case: "area of effect: friendly target + 7.1 m radius from the caster + 7.1 m radius from the caster" what does this even mean???? more over the spell is supposed to do two things, yet I can rarely affect my enemies with, mostly heal allies the spell just doesn't do anything to the enemies at all, I checked the combat log, nothing. I'm not sure what the two circles mean???? I also check the damage, it only has 3 components: base damage, priest power level and Might What about my disposition?????
  4. Okay I can confirm it works. This is my fault for not looking closely at the list.
  5. huh? I can't select my PoE1 history before character creation Berath only gave me generic choice about the ending (like fair, or dark time etc.)
  6. I find it really weird that there is zero explanation regarding this in the game. I just created a bunch of histories with different choices, how do I know which one is active in my game? the interface says nothing When should I create this history? how to do this properly? Like I'm 10 minutes into the game, I feel I need to change some of my choices in PoE1, can I do that???? How about the weird bugs like, if you chose "didn't forge the blade of endless path" you get the fragments, otherwise you don't? or if you sacrifice Devil of Caroc, you get her armor and the bonus stats from sacrificing? Finally, in the history creator I chose the option to sacrifice Devil of Caroc, I expect the bonus Dex for my character. But there is none :D :D :D I heard people say if you chose to sacrifice some companions in PoE1 you get bonus stat here ???????????? Pls help! What the hell I just talked to Eder he said he went back to Aedyr to find his parents this is the outcome where player did not complete his quest in PoE1 !!!!!!!!! I chose in the history creator that I strengthened his skepticism so the history creator is useless ??????
  7. I let them go, my Cipher has a contempt for deities so he did this just to screw with Ondra.
  8. Killed it with my level 12 party on Hard, right after slaying Adra Dragon. Both battles are pretty exciting, My party has 2 melees 4 ranges: Zahua (soft tank + DD), Durance (priest + support), Aloth Macintosh (spell + DD), Kana (support, summoner), Sagani (disabler, DD) and main character Dex + Per Min max cipher. Both battles have 3 phases, phase 1: take control of the dragon, micro intensive to position my cipher at the right place and keep the Adragans (Adra dragon) or spectres (Alpine dragon) busy, phase 2: Kana's orges summon, position them appropriately, cleaning up the mobs, inflict more disables and damage while the dragon is under charm, like psycho vampiric shield, pillars of faith malignant cloud phase 3: kill the dragon with everything Aloth, Durance and my Cipher could throw into its face. Thanks to Sagani with her Stormcaller stunned the Adra dragon a few crucial times, Aloth's tentacles and poison cloud and mental binding also helped. I killed the Alpine dragon without using petrifying gaze, Zahua finished him with a punch lol
  9. does this update severely increase loadscreen time for anyone else ?
  10. Are people complaining that Cipher this patch is a ridiculously and oppressively powerful class ? So far I've destroyed everything on my path with my min max Cipher - ranged Cipher, Max Perception + Might + Int -Amplified thrust 60 pierce dmg + fast cast speed + gain back 20 - 30 focus :D -in case focus is not enough, Mental binding should rekt their defense + a few hits -> full focus again -Psychovampiric shield (-10 Resolve -> -20 Will -> our Will attacks - trademark of Cipher - absolutely pummel their defense, also that -30 concentration, our melee will interrupt them- they cant even fight back ), psycho shield + whisper of treason trivializes many encounters early and mid game. With the current scaling, Focus cost for the OP skills (which are at tier I and II Cipher skills like Antipathetic and Whisper of treason) are actually cheaper, I cast whisper of treason like 5+ times in many fights... At mid game, tier III, IV and V skills are pretty much into the trash, I just picked those with fast cast time and save them for later. tier VI, amplified wave and disintegration are still ok tier VII time parasite is still ok (70 focus will be gained back in no time with our superspeed) tier VIII, Cipher became literal god :D give Reaping knives to the rogue -> at this point it will be rather difficult to spend focus as fast as we gain it...(hence earlier i picked the fast casting skills) Defensive Mindweb, combo with the above
  11. What was your experience with mindwave ? I think Mindwave and Soulshock are both terrible abilities to start the game with. Soulshock isn't good until you have a reliable tank. Mindwave sounds good in principle but you need to time it so that the cone hits a significant number of moving targets, a lot less efficient than eyestrike (which can always be casted on the whole group pre-battle). The range is terrible and you need to stand close to the enemies to cast it and pray that someone doesnt interrupt you. For a lot of people who play Cipher as a min max glass canon with abysmal defense, the uncertainty definitely doesnt look good. Hell I think even Antipathetic Field is more reliable. At least you can cast it from afar and the movement of your party to avoid the beam is under your control.
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