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  1. Dragon Age Origins immediately threw you into fantasy zombie apocalypse with special anti-zombie suicide supersoldiers. It worked on world-building parallel to ab epic story of orc-zombie invasion. PoE has intriguing stuff happening in prologue but then the story has nothing special till the epilogue. You chase the guy. Soul stuff thing is interesting but not terribly engaging. Hollowborn problem feels world-threatening, of course, but it's not a problem you solve with epic battles. The problem is that storyline is bland for most of the game so you don't experience the world itself in an interesting context.
  2. Chanter has couple of special phrases with Kana but that's probably it.
  3. No voice acting is better than bad voice acting. I've installed Interesting NPCs mod for Skyrim. Even though original VA is not very diverse it's far, far better then fan NPCs. I've started to evade those custom NPCs and soon deleted this mod even though the lore and quests themselves were OK.
  4. As others had guessed I use Durance as Mechanics guy cause you always need a cleric in a party (though I don't think it's really truth in PoE), Also you don't have any Rogue character - or even anyone with matching personality - which is unexpected for this kind of game. Anyway, Durance unlocks and brings EXP for all the party. Praise the whore.
  5. I wouldn't say it's the best one. You have to have one Mechanic in your party. It's also nice to have Lore for your main character for dialogs or for fighters so they use scrolls. But other than that all skills seem useful to me. The problem with Mechanics is it gives EXP and items so you just have to have it.
  6. Indeed, I haven't reached levelcap yet so I don't have the full picture. But if it can be reached so early then EXP itself doesn't have much value which is even worse.
  7. PoE goes a long way to avoid making some ways more EXP valuable and therefore more beneficial for power gamer. You don't get an EXP for the act of killing itself, especially killing people. However I've noticed that Mechanics skill is an exception. 1) You get experience for disarming traps. No EXP for just avoiding traps - though of course it'd require some excessive scripting to notice player avoided traps and can't get EXP for disarming them anymore. This creates a cheesy tactics of returning to places were you couldn't disarm traps to get EXP even though it doesn't make sense in-universe. 2) When you see a locked door the smart thing is to unlock it if you have skill. You get EXP for that. If you already have the key then you're screwed cause it's probably quest item and you can't drop it. And you won't get EXP. Those kinds of problems are balance issues cause they're easy to figure out, do not require any skill - only time and desire to reload, and don't make sense in-universe. I'm hoping to do Path of the Damned replay of the game and wonder if those are kind of things that will help me fight through the higher difficulty.
  8. Nothing about long save/load. A pity, can't play like that.
  9. Haven't seen anything gamebreaking but loading times get longer and longer so I've shelved the game till it's fixed. Otherwise I spend ~5 minutes on sleeping in my Stronghold.
  10. I have similar issue. Don't have SSD, the game takes more and more time to load any location as I progress. Another thing I've noticed: there's a big lag between screen fading to black and Loading screen appearing. I clearly remember that in the beginning there was no pause there.
  11. Another wizard pro is they can learn spells from other wizards griomours. They also have very powerful debuffs later like mass charm on tier 4. Druids have nice damage spells but crowd control and debuffs are more important in tough battles. I say Wizards are more of a glass canons you can use to get through really hard fights while Priests and Druids are better at sustaining party combat ability through series of easier battles. I do notice that wizard spells like Rolling Fireball misfire sometimes but I'm not sure if this is a bug or some game mechanic I'm not aware of.
  12. There are some real bugs in a game and those require fixing. Please, don't steal developer's attention from really important issues with your pathetic attempts on game design analysis.
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