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  1. wasn't the level cap in BG1 even lower like 8 or something IIRC and in BG 2 it was 16 (?) so and additional 8 more levels after you import your level 8 characters
  2. are you guys serious? i'm playing a solo monk on the highest difficulty and just wrecking the crap out of nearly everything seems more like wrong distribution of attributes, skills and race selection and sensuki's guide is off you max out might and con not dex, use fire godlike race get the attack speed ability, and the one that add fire damage on wound and lightning when attack speed ability is active
  3. if you are talking about the password to the door then you need to talk to the ghost at the top right corner (who opens another room with 2 chest for you) he would mention that they use the password everyday
  4. Wow. Wow, Obsidian. Guys, I love you, I sincerely do. You write the best RPGs in the business, hands down. I am always ready and willing to defend KOTOR 2, I loved Alpha Protocol despite anything but the pistol being useless, and I genuinely want to punch people whenever they say Fallout 3 was better than New Vegas... but god damn, guys, how did you miss that?! I'm also a little heartbroken that my favorite NPC is apparently the cause of my problems. I forgive you, Kana. I forgive you. you should also ask those people that took part in the betas what the hell they were doing? how the hell did so many bigs get through when those people are supposed to be helping test the game?
  5. (can't see my posts yet so have to post a new one) i still managed to complete the quest and have slight postive rep despite killng them all so either the guide is wrong or the is a bug with the dialogue *edit* it seems i am pass the security check thingy now so my bad for posting a new post instead of editing the last one
  6. it doesn't include people that play offline, doesn't include people that buy the game outside of steam.
  7. Monks and Druids are better they are the only classes that can actually solo the game at high diffculties
  8. yep, just go this as well. saving and loading does seem to solve it
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