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  1. I'd love to know which of the loot I've found throughout the game is from the 49 backers who paid to create an item for the game. Does anybody know of a list of backer created items, or some way to identify them in-game? I realize that there may be no way to ever know, but I'd love to see what the community designed. Maybe the Devs would even be so kind to provide a list of named items for us. Please? Pretty please?
  2. It mentions being able to ghost a shield like this in the manual. So, it's clear they *want* the feature in the game. So do I!
  3. I can right-click on this and bring up its description, but when I do it is locked to the bottom of the screen with its flavor text obscured.
  4. I notice that when Itumaak takes endurance damage, she doesn't take any health damage. Also, I thought she was supposed to share a health/endurance pool with Sagani and this doesn't happen, but perhaps that got removed since beta.
  5. I had the same problem upon initially equipping this item as well. Immediately after reloading I had the spell granted to me.
  6. I do not approve of such beardiness! Like other people have said, make those spell casters top priority. Get a tank with high deflect to fight off the melee ogres, keep your other people away as they have an AoE knockdown attack, and try to focus down those druids while keeping them paralyzed or stun. A cipher helps a lot with this!
  7. If it helps, it also doesn't work with the IE Mod. This entire functionality appears to be broken right now.
  8. What? Ain't nothing wrong with everybody sick while swatting at flies. Five of my party members taking 95 raw damage over 25 seconds was enough to convince me I had to come back later to deal with these guys. That was when I was level 4 on hard mode. No bueno!
  9. Race and culture bonuses are added to the number you enter. Ah, yeah, thats it. Welcome to the wonderful, and fiddly, world of console commands.
  10. Oh, I didn't realize her pet got buffed with the patch. That's a pretty significant change, there. Will have to respec that as well!
  11. Yes, this is my biggest issue. In the manual it says you're supposed to be able to "ghost" your shield into different weapon slots. They either removed this function for some bizarre reason, or it's a bug.
  12. My Sagani had these stats, which differ from those previously reported: Sagani Mig- Con- Dex- Per- Int- Res 13 - 12 - 14 - 18 - 11 - 10
  13. I'll second this. If that disables achievements, you can always grab the mod here which allows you change stats and not disable achievements. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?
  14. Just wondering if you guys aware of the dialogue scroll bug where dialogue keep auto scroll to the top even when trying to manual scroll down? Thanks! I had this happen once to me. When talking to the bandits who raided the camp at the beginning it occurred. Instead of progressing to the next dialogue screen, it appeared to append it to the end of the current dialogue, but got stuck and couldn't scroll down to the new dialogue. Through persistence, it would eventually scroll. I couldn't click on the conversation options and had to keep pressing the number associated with it until it finally stuck. In 30 more hours of game I have not had this happen again.
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