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    A casual gamer who enjoys stories most of all. And LOVING this game. <3
  1. I'm a casual gamer but also a completionist. I enjoy moderate challenge when it comes to combat, but the story and immersion are the priority. I do search every nook and cranny, read almost everything and make progress very slowly. However I'm not the least bit interested in numbers and microscopic game mechanics. I want to understand the basics, but that's enough. If I had more time at my disposal, who knows, maybe I would end up a "hard-core" gamer. But with a career and a family, it's not even a remote possibility. But it doesn't mean that I would rush through a RPG. I'm very selective with games, but the ones I like I play through several times - wanting to experience every part of the story and game world. The difficulty with this game seems okayish for me on hard. What I don't like is levelling too fast while doing "everything". But that seems to be such a common problem with games - always being over-levelled.
  2. When you get to Defiance Bay, you can steal different types of clothing from the brothel (upstairs at least, if I remember correctly). Mostly all look very dull, though. And one can only hope those aren't some leftovers from customers, wouldn't want to catch any nasty surprises...
  3. Yes, I will be keeping Durance in my party this time, too. Two priests might not be optimal, but the setting seems interesting. Priests of Magran and Eothas, questing and fighting side by side. Though it's always very much possible the game doesn't acknowledge that enough. But there is always imagination at least! I think I'm going with a quarterstaff for my character (due looks/RPG and since it seems an okay choice), and Durance will get some sort of firearm. I will focus on spells and Durance on weapons. This way the two priests don't overlap totally.
  4. I've played with a druid until Defiance Bay. So I do know about Durance and have played with him a bit. The reason I want to make a priest as my main and start over is that I actually find myself managing Durance most of the times. He's fun to play. (Well, his personality is a little bit... challenging at times. And as a constant goody-two-shoes I can't really agree with him that much!)
  5. Thanks a lot for the advice! The variety of weapons this game has feels sometimes a bit confusing. (I guess I'm too used to the lack of choice in most newer RPGs I've played...) Also the only 6 talents is a good thing to consider - should I use any on weapon stuff or not. And yes, there is so strong rationalization behind the "the no firearms" thing. Just a vague... feeling.
  6. I'm wondering about a priest(ess) character I have in mind to start next. She will be a priest of Eothas though as I've understood, the deity doesn't matter that much in the end. Anyway, I'm planning to max Intelligence, Might and Dexterity and also raise Resolve a bit. So that leaves very low Constitution and Perception. This means the character will end up frail. Ranged weapon would be logical choice, I guess. However, for some reason I don't really like firearms - mostly for role-playing reasons. Using a gun just doesn't feel like a natural choice for this character. Bow would be better and perhaps doable as well. But what about magical implements? Can I build a functional character around those? And would a quarterstaff be a totally doomed idea? I'm playing on hard difficulty and use premade companions. With a druid as my main, I didn't have any big problems. At times the game felt a tad too easy, but I suspect PotD would be too difficult. I sort of hope to face a little more challenge with my priest, but don't want to end up with a character who just doesn't survive either. Thank you for any advice!
  7. I turned them off right from the beginning. It's interesting to see how the reputations evolve.
  8. I'm absolutely loving and enjoying this game. This is the first isometric, "old-style" RPG I have really played, so I can't claim to be any sort of serious veteran (I'm very casual and periodic in my gaming). But I've played RPGs for several years now, Morrowind and Kotor were the first ones. Dragon Age:Origins has been my favourite one for some time now - the sequels were a huge letdown. I forced myself to play through DA2 once, Inquisition I was unable to even finnish. I also tried Divinity: Original Sin but there was something that made it very difficult to get into, so I quit and thought isometric games just weren't my "thing". Pillars of Eternity has totally changed my opinion though. Not once have I missed flashy graphics or full voice-overs. I don't get over-whelmed, the learning curve has been very smooth. I'm playing on hard right now and the challenge seems just right. The story felt rich and intriguing right from the beginning. It's true that the companions aren't as "showy" as they have been in BioWare RPGs. Someone could certainly think they are bland because of that, but to me they feel very real and pleasantly down-to-earth, like real people tend to be. The story might not be the most original, but then again, it compares just fine to every other RPG I have played before. Almost all stories in the world have been told, one way or the other. What matters to me is the atmosphere and immersion. I don't really know why I wrote this post. This is just the opinion of a one almost middle-aged lady, who has learned to love RPGs relatively late in her life. Overall Pillars of Eternity just feels very right to me - like it has a soul. I know that's not very analytical or technical, but it's just the thing I have felt lacking in most games I have tried during these last couple of years. I was becoming very cynical and depressed about games overall, so playing this one has been like a breath of fresh air. Maybe I will even get the confidence to try Baldur's Gate series after this very positive experience.
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