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  1. Don't forget those of us like me who bought the game from GoG.com
  2. The patch is on GOG but the hotfix isn't. For some reason it doesn't show an update notification, but if you go to Pillars of Eternity in your library, the patch is there. Although this isn't mentioned in the patch notes I have a feeling the maximum zoom in amount has been increased. I actually like it that way. Ah yes thank you I see it now. It doesn't show on the icon for Pillars that there is an update, but after clicking on it I see the patch (but as you said, not the hotfix). What issues exactly does the hotfix correct so I can avoid those until it comes out for GoG.com?
  3. Any idea when the patch will be available for the GOG.com version...still not seeing an update in my accounts page.
  4. Had the same issue occur. Glad it's a bug and not just me not doing something correctly. Also glad it's also known. That means it should be fixed soon (hopefully lol)
  5. I don't know if anyone else has encountered this bug, but as Ranger I went into the Bear cave early on in the game and both my companion animal and myself died a swift death. After reloading the last save (the auto save as we had entered the cave) and now my companion pet is just a circle on the ground without actually showing. I exit the cave and now anytime I try to go to any of the exits in the outside zone it says I have to wait until my party is gathered, and my companion animal's icon is just a white circle.
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