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  1. Exactly, none of both would interfere with the other. Here is a picture of how it actually looks like in EU IV:
  2. Everybody that uses modifications like the omnipresent IEmod knows the dilemma: A new patch from Obsidian gets released which is great but at the same time it breaks many mods until they get updated to the new game version, which in turn renders anybody that relies on the features said mods provide unable to play. There is if course the workaround of keeping Steam in offline mode but that's hardly user friendly, especially when you need the online functionality for other games. Paradox Interactive faced with the same problem for it's games like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings came up with a very elegant solution. After a patch they just upload old stable versions onto Steam as beta versions. So when for example they patch Europa Universalis IV to version 3.11 a mod using gamer can just opt in to keep on using version 3.1 or 3.0 via the Steam beta tab (right click on the game in Steam -> Properties -> Beta) until the mods he uses get updated. Obsidian, can you use the same system for future updates as well as for your coming games?
  3. How can you even stop the game from updating? Steam updates the game atleast as soon as you launch it.
  4. The easiest, most universal and honestly most reasonable from a budget point of view fix would be to just go through the dialog and split up every page that includes flavor text in front of voice acted parts so that you can read the flavor text first and hear the dialog after clicking continue. Depending on the format it is in that should be able to do via a script / software.
  5. Just a random guess, have you tried to run it as administrator?
  6. None; just the standard Windows message that asks me whether I want to quit the program or look for a solution online. Quite positive I'm missing the Visual C++ thing. I might try getting it this weekend. On other news, I messaged a dev about SMAA and its possible inclusion in PoE and this was the answer: Unfortunately, it's very unlikely we'll have the time to implement a minor graphical improvement like that in a patch. It looks neat, though, I'll remember it when we're working on the expansion. So hopefully the expansion will bring 3D-models-only SMAA to the table Minor ? I am thinking it's not minor . It's not gamebreaking but seems horrible sorry . For some reason nowadays developer don't seem to care about image quality (in contrast to effects and high poly) no more... 10 years ago I couldn't even imagine playing without at least 4 MSAA + transparency and now you got to make due with ****ty post processing filter alone. Or spend more processing power than they save with modern rendering techniques (that make MSAA harder to implement) on rendering in ridiculously high resolutions to at least have a somehow acceptable picture. Elite Dangerous and Alien Isolation are two harder great recent games that suffer from this.
  7. I wouldn't get my hopes up. Doesn't sound like the actually changed the implementation but make it just adjustable. Oh, MasterEffects seems to be way more effective than the SMAA in SweetFX (with Reshade), got to give that a try. Speaking of GUI and text, doesn't Reshade support reading the depth buffer? Maybe somebody can come up with a way to only effect the characters (and maybe the backgrounds for other stuff) but not the GUI? DSR and custom resolution downsampling both work with Pillars of Eternity, you just have to set the resolution on your desktop before launching the game (and then select it in-game, if it wasn't already applied). True! To add to that, I got to mostly change the resolution back to normal, close the window and than choose the higher resolution. DSR (in my case 1440p to 1080p with 30 & blur) in combination with Reshade/SweetFX Lumasharpen was the best combination this far. Ingame AA or forcing via driver did nothing for me.
  8. To be fair, there was an extensive Beta. The reason that it wasn't discovered there was because it mainly affects hired companions instead of self made ones. Still strange that internal testing didn't come up with this. On another note, funny and scary how NONE of the reviewers with pre release access to the complete game seem to have seen it.
  9. The only thing that worked for me is DSR / downscaling. Sad thing is that you need to change your desktop resolution for it to work.
  10. Spoken voice doesn't seem to be recorded with the flavor text in mind. I don't have a particular example but its present all over the game, including the Maerwald conversation. Example: * "NPC speaks" * Flavor text describing the NPC's facial expressions, his cloths etc. * "More NPC dialog" The voice actor in this example just pauses briefly after the first part (like you do for another paragraph) and than resumes the dialog. The actually quiet obvious problem is that the player has no opportunity to read the flavor text before the second part of the voiced dialog starts. Solution: Make sure that on the same page there is no flavor text in front of voiced dialog. Example: * "NPC dialog" * flavor text * New page after the player hit continue. * "Remaining dialog"
  11. So, what about slow and very slow weapons? Maybe I am just missing something. BTW, your videos are great and I love the IE Mod.
  12. I set the voice volume to 0 in my game and the setting worked so far. Although in Caed Nua in the room with the speaking throne when I encountered the ghost of the mother speaking to her son the voice of the ghost was very loudly (possible volume 100) audible.
  13. This is what I got from basically watching Quill18's combat mechanics video (its worth it). Just posting as is, not sure if I made an error: Attack time: Fast Weapon = 0.66 sec. Normal Weapon = 1 sec. Slow Weapon = ?? One Handed: Attack Time then 2* Recovery = 2 * 1 sec. W/o anything in your off-hand= +8 (?) accuracy Dual Wielding: Attack Time then 1* Recovery = * 1 sec. Attack Time 1* Recovery = * 1 sec. Two Handed: Attack Time then 2* Recovery = 2 * 1 sec. I would also like to know what weapon slow changes?
  14. What? Maybe you and many others don't give a crap ,but many gamers ,old and young alike look at this site like it's the imDb of gaming. I am actually a big fan of imDB when it comes to their scores (the forum not so much). The difference to imDB and Metacritic is that the latter is a dumb mixture of user scores and media reviews, some of which don't even use the same rating system (3/3, 5/5, 10/10, 100/100). I'm a PC gamer since the late 90s and I never used Metacritic and don't see the need to start now. That site is on the decline, the recent change of Eurogamer's review is the best sign of it. Yeah, maybe PoE sell a little better if everybody here would make an account, but I don't see very much reason to game a broken system. I admire your actions though.
  15. Could very well be that Win 8 isn't affected. I have absolutely no problems, the game runs as silk after 5 hours of play time. Win 8.1 x64, 8 GB Ram, Intel i7 920 @ 3.1 ghz, GTX 770 4GB @ 347.71. Game is installed on a normal 7200rpm hard drive.
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