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  1. Yes, I liked the evil accountant droid, I wouldn't know how to fault him. He naturally isn't much of a fighter being an expert droid, and an accountant. T3 at least is a mechanic, and he gets all pumped up after Bao-Dur and the Exile tamper with his stats. I guess his best lines are with Jorran in the Jedi Enclave sublevel, when he cites the salvaging laws of the Khoonda civil code and makes a claim for his ass.

  2. I always wondered why Bao-Dur would not be an option. Sure, he's just a tech, but you can train him as a Jedi Guardian. Maybe they thought he was trouble because Remote would not be able to tag along if he was party leader, a game mechanics issue; though that didn't keep him from being selectable for the rescue mission on Goto's yacht.


    "But what is this? Ah... of course, the Force has guided you here. It echoes within you, yet I sense it is... untrained."

    "An adept has managed to come so far? Incredible."


  3. We need more female game developers. Guys can whore around with the ladies but we get stuck with some lame male for a "romance".
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You're not wrong there, Mical the good doctor is not the guy to whore around with, you have to ask him a diagnostic to squeeze out of him that he finds you attractive. Atton is much more willing but Kreia kind of ruined everything, party pooper.

  4. It's possible that Bastila, as well as other Jedi, would stage their own death or result as casualties in some ambush or another during the Jedi Purge that followed the Mandalorian Wars. The Exile was the last known Jedi, but Kreia knew others must be in hiding, so she used the Exile to draw them out and killed them. Though even then, she knew that for every Jedi slain another would rise, and that's where the echo thing comes in.

  5. His back-story is a bit bland, but you could probably argue that the Handmaiden is a bit too similar to Juhani from the the first game.
    Some stuff in his dialogs is lost to buggy scripts, like it happened with Juhani's, there's more to him than most people actually got. The Handmaiden is interesting in other ways, I don't see much of Juhani in her though, I liked Juhani.
    So why not play as a male Exile then? Or play as a male and switch your appearance to a female, to make things a bit more, erm, gay (without wanting to sound sexist or homophobic)? Curiously, if you were to change the Exile's gender with KSE to be both male and female (i think there is such an option, if I remember correctly), or droid for that matter, how does that play out (in terms of romancing, npcs, etc)? Anybody tried it?
    I've made things gay lots of times. I believe scripts in dialog conditionals use the global boolean for romances, so it makes sense to change it.
  6. Well, if you spend much of your life playing Kotor it's no wonder you find the game pretty easy even at high difficulty levels; combat is not the best part of a game like this though, or the only worthwhile aspect. I didn't have an easy time battling Traya the first time I played, then I figured what it takes.

  7. I can now open the TLK files just fine but now my problem is trying to find the actual dialogue I'm looking for! I'm looking for stuff from Atton right now
    So search a line, one dialog usually has contiguous string references, that means that if you're looking for Atton, say the part when the Exile asks him why he plays pazaak in his head, pick one line:

    like "I play pazaak in my head"

    use TalkEd to open the Kotor2 dialog.tlk and find the line (Tools/Search)

    you'll find it in line number 74724, that gets you the where you want to go.

    show all lines around that one by using the text boxes under the menu bar to filter the lines.

    you'll find that all lines by Atton which belong to that dialog are between 74705 and 74729.

  8. Yes I did, but I didn't think it meant anything then, appearance is discretionary, and it was kind of hard to believe even when they announced it that the Exile was a woman, I thought there must be some error or something. It's nice to finally have some ****, I'm tired of supermen, powerful women are much more fun. I'm also happy about the whole game being a tough women show; that's why playing Revan I loved Juhani, and I only enjoyed Bastila after she turned to the dark side.

  9. Then for now I must be the only Disciple lover over here.

    If you never played as female, you might want to give it a try, Disciple hitting on a male Exile is kind of weird, in that he would refer to the Exile as a woman. Why the Exile should be able to choose her own entourage, I should consider making a mod to get no gender issues or restrictions while actually choosing either Disciple or Handmaiden in-game.

  10. Is there a mod out that enables you to be male and get disciple instead of handmaiden?
    Well, I haven't checked for any mods, but the Disciple encounter dialog just lets a global boolean determine whether Disciple should join the party. You may save the game before talking to him, then use a savegame editor to change 000_PLAYER_GENDER to FALSE, let Disciple join and save again, then put the old value back. You can do the same about the Handmaiden to avoid getting her in your party, just be sure to restart the savegame editor each time you save the game.
  11. Well, Jedi think nobody deserves execution, and the Sith spared her life more than once, maybe there's a little Kreia in us all, or maybe she's one of those you can't help underestimating. The point is not whether she deserved to die though, the point is that she wanted to. Not until the Exile managed to kill her, would she be convinced that her teachings had wrought the ultimate wielder of the Force. It was important to her, so much so that she fell to the dark side when her hopes for the Exile began to dwindle.


    "I see what happened now. It is because you were afraid."


  12. It was a matter of game engine, yes, but I would have kept the KotOR robes in TSL, if only for holorecords, say Bastila and Vrook. In the comics, Vrook and Zhar don their KotOR robes while Zez and the others are shown as we know them in TSL. I would have kept Vrook in his red robe for the holorecords of Coruscant and Dantooine, same goes for Bastila's holorecord on Korriban and that on the Ebon Hawk.

    why the lanscape of Dantooine changed so drastically from K1 and K2...or why there is a door to a tomb where there was nothing but solid cave rock on Korriban.
    The old entrance to the kinrath cave was blown up, so they burrowed another. Visas spoke of a recently awakened power within the shyrack cave, Sith archaeologists or possibly the Jedi that came to investigate the tomb may have found the entrance after the Jedi Civil War.
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