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  1. It seems like a very harsh sentence
    nayama was already a dark jedi by the time jolee faced judgement, it was all already over.. like yoda says in rots, you must learn to LET GO what you're afraid to lose (he didn't just exile anakin), kreia still had a little girl and a man she cared for and maybe she didn't want to give up that love, instead she gave up the jedi (like jolee).
  2. kreia said that the masters blamed and sentenced her for revan's fall, which is a lie.. she went to war before revan took up the mantel of dark lord, and never came back - so she must have been exiled before^^ and for some other reason :ermm: like mating with a big echani general and giving birth to brianna!

  3. thanks for the answers. i know all that has been said about this, still all i heard was filled with "maybes" and "perhaps", i wanted to know:

    a) is there actual evidence of kreia being not arren kae?

    b) is it (formally or informally) "official" that they are or were meant to be the same person?


    as i said, some light :blink:

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