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  1. Did you know Nihilus had dreadlocks under his hood? It's on the Hasbro Sith Evolutions Set:




    The KotOR Campaign Guide states that he had become a shell devoid of flesh and that mask, robe, and lightsaber were kept together with the Force just to give him a form. This is a piece of promo art for TSL showing a clearly flesh and blood arm:




    Then there is this ongoing comic series based on KotOR. Zayne Carrick, the protagonist, is thought by many to be Nihilus' former self.




    I personally liked the idea of Zayne becoming Nihilus, but I don't picture him wearing dreadlocks. Throw in this empty shell bull**** and it feels like nothing makes sense no more. I would ask Avellone if I weren't sure he's not making comments on this sort of thing, or JJ Miller, the guy who's writing the comics.

  2. As I said, many have given their own answer to this. Words can be taken to mean different things, sometimes. However, as I understand it, Kreia was there to let the Exile see the blindness of the Council by herself, and that is why she waits in the courtyard. Kreia had already seen plenty of it. Her speech in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave is more explanatory for a darksider, in that she speaks to the Exile, who is standing there conscious. And she says that she wished the Jedi defeated by showing them truth, without striking a blow, and that she has utterly failed to do so, which is true even if you don't kill the Jedi Masters. She also says that it is difficult to say whether the Jedi are all dead, because for every Jedi slain, another rises.

  3. Old question, to which many have given their own answer.

    Kreia falls to the dark side when the Exile fails her expectations for the meeting with the Jedi Masters. If you kill the masters she even tells you. She expected the Exile to stand up to them, defeat them with the truth. Kreia wants someone to prove that she is right, and her teachings correct. When the Exile let her power be stripped from her instead, she failed Kreia, who then concluded that the choice of Malachor V, which she at first saw as a display of strength, was really made out of fear and weakness. But in the end, when the Exile bested her, Kreia felt rewarded and let go of her hatred, going as far as speaking of love, and a future built on a new Jedi Order.

  4. Choking Mical is a good thing if you are a darksided. Then again light or Dark, I do think he is creepy.
    I do find him naive, and ever so peaceful, to the point of being irritating. Makes you wanna shake him or something. I once did the choking thing on Citadel Station, during the Sith attack. I wanted to check out if anyone had anything to say before boarding the Ravager. As far as I remember G0-T0 and Mical were the only ones.
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