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  1. It's a possible scenario, but it cannot be established Kreia arrived on the Ebon Hawk, and so we cannot know and any scenario must by defintion be an interpretation based on our observations and conclusions.
    We're not on Wookieepedia, my friend. This is what I think we were supposed to conclude.
    She does not mention T3, which means she could be speaking of someone else
    Who, Atton? When she says that, there is only you, her, Atton and T3, the only possible "we" is she and T3.
  2. I take it you acknowledge that the Harbinger crew did not find and assume her dead only to have her suddenly revive.
    I didn't get you. You mean they had to make sure by cutting her head off? I assumed things on the Harbinger happened the same as on Peragus: she was in the morgue, then awakened. By then the Harbinger had been crippled, but she found the Exile and T3 and escaped the Sith, who fired on the Ebon Hawk as they made the jump to hyperspace.
    do you acknowledge the possibility that I can be interpreted in another way and that she arrived some other way.
    I don't think it's possible, because she says she was with T3 when they boarded the Harbinger, and T3 was on the Ebon Hawk. She speaks plural, and T3 acknowledges that.
  3. You can find little contradictions everywhere. The Medical Officer on the Harbinger reports dead bodies on the Ebon Hawk, are you going to question that? As for Kreia's recollection of the facts, I assumed it was just her manner of talking, like Bastila saying that it was she who saved Revan from the Vulkars. It was clearly the other way around, but if you think that Kreia was unconscious, then awaken and found the Harbinger "crippled, drifting in space" she still speaks the truth, from her point of view. She did board the vessel, in her own way, after all she could not tell the captain "Hi, I'm Kreia, former Dark Lord of the Sith, on a mission to deafen the galaxy to the Force." She avoided giving explanations by playing dead.

  4. For example, Kreia infers in the game that the exile's lost connection to the force is due to something the masters have done to the exile.
    She says that it's unlikely the Force would be lost to the Exile unless another factor was involved beside the horrors of the Mandalorian Wars, which is true, in fact she lost her connection to the Force because of her talent with Force-bonding, that's why she had to cut herself off from the Force, only Kreia could not tell you that. Still, if you question both Kreia and T3, there's no way you can tell where the Ebon Hawk went at any time, and you can't explain how Kreia wound up with it. I'm more inclined to buy what we're told, most of it, and make sense out of it, rather than use my imagination to conjure up some totally arbitrary explanation which hardly finds any base in the game.
    And I still haven't found any place in the game, where it is revealed that the Harbinger crew found Kreia or anyone else dead on the Ebon Hawk only to see that person recover.
    "Everyone on the Ebon Hawk was dead, sir... we're starting autopsies within the hour."


  5. That doesn't tell us he left them behind on Malachor V.
    I think it does. Those lines are from the conversation on Malachor; if you ask Kreia about Revan, why he went there, she tells you that Revan came because he remembered what lay buried there, the academy and its teachings, and because Malachor is the threshold of the borders of the ancient Sith Empire. He came, and he left, without the ship and the droids "for he knew he would not need them." That tells me that the droids never saw the Sith Empire. If you believe Revan went somewhere else after Malachor and before going to the unknown regions, well, I wonder what makes you think that. Anyways, there's a line in t3m4.dlg that's probably plain enough:


    "You were at Malachor V. Revan left you there - and the Ebon Hawk. "


  6. HK even says: "I believe my master was responsible".
    He means the memory wipe. He speaks of the blaster shots during diagnostic, as he assesses his conditionm. Then, if you ask him what's the last thing he remembers, he mentions a memory wipe, for which Revan was supposedly responsible. Revan took both HK and T3 with him on the Ebon Hawk when he went to Malachor. Once he decided to fight the Sith on his own, he left, and the droids remained. When Kreia takes the ship to escape, they are both still on board. Thus, he must have met G0-T0 before Revan went to Malachor, and he must have been deactivated there. It could have been the Sith, Revan, or T3. Seeing just how hesitating the little guy was when asked about how HK ended up in pieces, I think he might have been the one. Maybe HK wanted to go after Revan, and T3 deactivated him.
  7. Not useless. If you feel like using HK on Dxun, Korriban, or during the civil war in Iziz, a good Wisdom score can save him from Force powers like Force Lightning and Disable Droid. I don't like making him all about Dexterity and Constitution, the game is easy enough, I'd rather have a more complete, versatile droid.

  8. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=starw...ORminispreview5


    It's frustrating.

    First they come up with the most buggy and clamorously unfinished game ever made, then they start tearing apart what little was there you could still be satisfied with. They make it canon, stuff that never happened in the game and can't even happen; first the HK factory, the showdown with G0-T0 on Malachor, now the Handmaiden. A new official source confirmed that she did travel with the Exile, even if that happens in-game only to male playing characters, and the Exile was confirmed as being a woman in the New Essential Guide to Droids. They even say the Exile trained her, which means Brianna betrayed Atris for a woman

  9. I only have the pc version, I can't say if there's anything else in the xbox version game files (cut content, I mean). That's where the modules of the HK factory and M4-78 came from, and I would not be surprised if other gifts might be found there.


    Grenn: "I thought I saw you disembark with Bao-Dur, is he here?"

    Atton: "Now that you mention it, where did he run off to? HK-47, also."

    Grenn: "I guess it's no time to be swapping war stories, anyways."


    This is from the pc version game files. It seems that just like HK-47, Bao-Dur was supposed to do something on his own as well, and the battle of Telos being past M4-78 and all it is likely that this was the time for him to die.

  10. It is Kreia who cannot read his mind, the Exile can. In the same way, she has trouble sensing his future. As for that little line "make my sacrifice matter" many believe it means that Bao-Dur at some point was supposed to die, on Telos, or possibly on M4-78, but no trace of that can be found in game files. Except on Citadel Station, during the Sith attack, when Atton finds HK-47 and Bao-Dur have disappeared.

  11. I like G0-T0. He's got repulsorlifts, he's black, evil and calculating, and he actually made something of his life. Only HK-47 may have matched that, but his part as ruler of his "clones" was cut.


    Green lightsaber blade.


    Neutral powers, like Battle Meditation, Telekinesis and such.

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