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    You know, I did notice that Jesus lookalike first I went through the portrait selection screen, but it never occurred to me that Kreia herself kind of resembles another member of the same family :lol: It may have been even intentional. And if she is Arren Kae, then they're both mothers too.

    An evil Madonna :lol:

    In fact, although she does look like the mother of Jesus, she more closely resembles Satan in personality, the one from Milton's Paradise Lost. They both take the battle to the Almighty for the sake of truth and free will.

  2. Oh yes, his hunger grew as much as his power did. Kreia says that it's only a matter of how many he kills before he falls, and she says that when the Jedi are dead, the Republic and the Sith themselves shall be next, that all life is doomed as long as he lives. Visas too says that if he is not stopped he'll grow strong enough to kill all life merely with his presence. That's what would've happened if the Exile had not stopped him. If there's no Force-sensitives left in the galaxy, that only makes him all the more free to attack as many systems as he wishes, unopposed, with ever faster pace, and greater reach in the Force.

  3. don't you remember her insisting that she go to Onderon with you?
    No, no. The Exile says she must go to Onderon, and Kreia seconds that. No one insists on anything, not that that changes much. As I said, the most she could do was draw him out, but once she did that, nothing would have stopped him. The Republic fleet, the Mandalorians, or any Jedi other than the Exile would have been killed before they tried anything.
  4. Kreia got "lucky" to have Tobin right there. Without the Exile, there was no way for her to even send word to Nihilus. And without the Exile, nothing's stopping him from draining Telos completely even though there weren't any Jedi, beside Atris. Whatever traps Kreia might have set for him, she or anyone else for that matter, there is no escape, he would have killed everything. Only the Exile has what it takes to resist his attack, and therefore she's the only one who may harm him.

  5. Then I hope you liked the uniform I made for him. I based it on three different models, including those of Admiral Dodonna and Admiral Karath. It's nothing that good, but it's better than that horrible red armor. If my modeling skills get any better I'll try and improve on it. I wish I could make a vocal synthesizer and add more dialog.

  6. If you insist^^

    But like I said, all of Kreia's manipulations would have mattered very little if Nihilus had not been stopped, and the Exile had the only means to do that.

    The drill-instructor then demonstrates how you can't press the launch button when your hand is nailed to a wall.
    In this instance, Nihilus is the knife, not the nuke button. Kreia can press the right buttons to achieve what she wants, but if Nihilus turned his power upon whatever planet she's on
  7. Those are all Sith monikers, not their actual names.

    Malak's real name was Alek, "Revan" came from "Revanchism", the movement of which Revan was leader during the Mandalorian Wars. "Traya" most likely comes from "betrayal", for she is the Lord of Betrayal. "Nihilus" may derive from "Nihilism", for he believes that all life must die, something that's born of denial of any purpose of existance.

  8. how cool it would be, if in kotor 2 , when you turn to dark side and became the rank of Sith Lord then you could change your name from what it was to Darth Somethingorother
    That's sort of what happens in Kotor if you reclaim the title of Sith Lord.
  9. Sure, Nihilus can sap the life-force from an entire Force-sensitive planet, but that only made him more vulnerable
    It did make him more dangerous though, and that is all that matters. I never said Nihilus was smarter than Kreia, but she could not destroy him on her own, she just couldn't, the Exile was all that stood in his way. Without her, he would have killed the galaxy. And Kreia. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that while the player knows what's going on since the start, the Exile doesn't, and all that compels her on her journey is a Sith threat that she has no way to escape, because the Sith believe her to be the last of the Jedi. Stopping Nihilus is why she gathers the Jedi Masters in the first place, and that's what you do the whole time, only then kreia reveals herself to the Exile as one of the Lords of the Sith. Not even then, really, she is surprised to hear Atton speak of her as one of the Sith. And that's not because the Exile is blind, that's because the story was written this way. Only the player was supposed to know. Atton knows because she tells him on the Ebon Hawk when he tries to call it quits between them, and Mical, well, she makes him forget.
    They needed more Bastila though.
    Like have her battle-meditate the Sith fleet over Telos, say on Carth's flagship, the Sojourn.
  10. Well I personally like Carth, but that's not the point. I think the Battle of Telos is supposed to be the true ending of the game, kind of like the Star Forge in kotor, it's when the Republic meets the Sith in battle, it's all you have been training for, your quest, the business with Kreia is something else. So the true disappointment for me, more than anything else, was really this part of the game. It should not have been this short, to begin with, there's great stuff but there should have been more. There's enough on the Ravager, but the Republic is barely involved, and even that little cutscene is crap, I mean it should have been better.



    I tried to improve it a little, but it's still short, there's little content, and a mod is just a mod, I prefer original material.


    Anyone find his appearance sort of weak? Look at Mandalore, now that's the way you bring back a character from Kotor. He's leader of the Mandalorians, and he's uniting the clans, not to mention the shiny armor, and most importantly the kickass entrance on the Ravager. Then we have same ol'Carth, in ugly armor, and crippled cutscene. Don't know if you ever noticed, but on Citadel Station, during the attack, there's just the Ravager out there, the rest of the Sith and Republic fleets is gone, along with half the universe. You can't even see the Ravager due to lack of proper camera shots, but you can clearly see the end of space through the windows on that hammerhead ship. Think it was out of haste that they didn't give him an admiral's uniform like Dodonna's?

  12. On Wookieepedia you can't state as facts events which are hinted in source material, however strongly implied, if they don't have any blinking neon clear cut assertion to speak of. I meant that, this being no encyclopedia, it's kind of uptight of you to be this concerned about utterly indisputable proof. I still think that's the way it went, but I'm not trying to convince anyone, neither am I unwilling to question my own conclusions, but I can't seem to agree with you on this. Where I come from, if you say "we", you mean one who's right there with you, or one whom you did previously speak of.

  13. Have they become famous? I guess the team name has, but I never noticed too much fuss about it. The mod is something a lot of people are waiting for, it's only natural that there's a forum, some threads here and there, some youtube videos, some interest from Obsidian and some mentions on Wookieepedia. But there's to be no mistake about the fact that the game is not "just fine" the way it is, it's unfinished. It officially became unfinished the moment they made canon the cut content stuff: M4-78, the HK factory, the HK-51 units led on Malachor by their progenitor and their confrontation with G0-T0, the Handmaiden traveling with the Exile

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