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  1. The masters chose the planets on Coruscant, and that information was kept by Atris along with the holorecord of the Exile's trial, which was intended for Council members alone, all of them. But Telos, Nar Shaddaa and Iziz, are pretty big and crowded places, easy to get lost in and hard to feel Force-sensitives upon, they would remain difficult to track down.

  2. I don't think that there is any mention of the computer being locked until after the droids started to repair the ship. While HK-50 could have stopped the droids from repairing the ship at this point
    Only the dock officer knew the navicomputer was voicelocked, you find his logs in the hangar computer, HK-50 never left maintenance. I don't think it would make much sense if he had mining droids work on the Hawk before Atton got locked up, considering the only reason he joined Coorta was getting a ship.

    "If you have a way off this station, I can cover our tracks and ensure the Republic is not alerted to our presence."

    "I've seen the logs. I know you've already asked him and given the details - once he agrees, I can handle the rest."


  3. It could be that the Ebon Hawk was picked as alternative, I mean after Coorta's smuggler was caught by the security officer. It is possible that HK-50 had mining droids work on it, unaware of the locked navicomputer, and was unable to take off with the Exile. That would explain how Coorta was supposed to get off the station when the emergency lockdown was triggered, and it would make sense that HK-50 would try to get a new ship before bothering with repairs on the Ebon Hawk.

  4. Mentioning Jar-Jar would have been pointless, most people hate him. Personally, I didn't like him, but I never felt the urge to bitch about the actor.


    I think girls would agree that with the guys in TSL there was much less teasing than in KotOR, I kind of remember Revan and Carth would carry on some hot conversations, romancing a Cathar was somewhat kinky too, there's only a faint trace of that with the Exile. Why are non-canon genders privileged? :woot:

    Atton was supposed to be more forward though.


    "Oh, it's nothing too complicated. It'll just take a while.

    Unless you want to be crammed in an access hatch with me for a day or two."

    "I'll take my chances with the jungle."

    "Suit yourself. You don't know what you're missing."


  5. That's right, I forgot that. But why would he have mining droids repair it if he couldn't use it, Maybe he didn't realize it before? He did see T3 flying the ship to the station, so he should have known T3 could fly it, why did he just blast him instead of tearing the voiceprint from his memory core? Come to think of it, Atton says T3 was just doubling as the astrogation system, making the calculations himself, the ship's navicomputer was still locked down. HK-50 probably couldn't do that, and couldn't use T3 so, perhaps he just thought it would be easier to just wait for a ship to pass by.

    • Repair the Ebon Hawk
    • Have Coorta contact a smuggler
    • Seal off the hangar and stay on Peragus till a ship docks with the station

    Why? I mean, did I miss something? Once the Ebon Hawk was fixed HK-50 could have just left the facility taking the Exile with him. He could wrap her up and seal her off in the cargo hold like he did on the Harbinger. Why would he need a pilot? The other HK-50 units seem to have no trouble travelling.

  6. Kill people. That simple.

    Also, assuming you go with Vaklu, take Mandalore with you on Onderon, there's two chances to influence him before getting to the Sky Ramp. There are unusual ways to influence HK-47, if you judge him for having killed Jedi that's gonna piss him off, but you'd run into a couple of chances to gain influence that you can't get by other means.

  7. And Redemption is complete, you just have to get through the Battle of Khoonda, then you get either

    [*]You've given great aid to the people of Dantooine. And Terena Adare won't let your heroism be forgotten. You've done much to restore good will on Dantooine towards the Jedi order.

    [*]You are largely responsible for the mercenaries taking over Khoonda [

  8. Mmh, I wouldn't use Juyo against powerful Force wielders, more against huge beasts and strong melee fighters.
    Juyo,believe it or not, can be good against force user because due to its aggessive nature would keep them off balance from using the force.
    Yeah but if you're going to use Juyo against Kreia I suggest you wear a Force mask, or one of those Jal Shey belts. Infact it may be a good choice if you're gray, cos'you'd get Force resistance from your crystal.
  9. Plus everything else that isn't finishable in the games (mini-quests).....
    Like the fuel4Telos and navicomputer quests? Yes, there are a couple of interesting lines in there actually, and I don't think it'd be any trouble to bring them back, though I'm not sure whether they will, is this stuff going to be restored? Oh, it comes to me that there's already a fix for the fuel4Telos quest, so it's just the navicomputer quest.
  10. The Exile cut her way to Kreia, I don't think Mira had much trouble finding the Exile, then they all just got on the ship and made a run for it. I don't think the TSLRP is going to answer many of those questions, it'll probably mess a few things up actually, but it'll be interesting anyway. I'd say the only things they can safely bring back are the HK Factory and the confrontation with G0-T0, those already are canon, so that is really all that makes TSL incomplete.

  11. Mmh, I wouldn't use Juyo against powerful Force wielders, more against huge beasts and strong melee fighters. I prefer a Weapon Master to a Marauder mostly because I like deflection, so Form V definitely does it for me. Anyone who's experienced the satisfaction of Force choking Kreia must appreciate Force Mastery.

  12. A dark, grey, or light crystal has different abilities, but at each particular equivalent level, they offer an equivalent amount of power.
    This isn't even debatable, it's just wrong. Just look at the item templates for haven's sake, you can't deny that a very dark/light crystal is more powerful than a dark/light one of the same level.
  13. I think Master Ell is totally right, what the Council committed was a crime and they should take responsibility for their choice, still they were at war so you can hardly blame them, it was the smart thing to do. The fact that mercy was involved doesn't make the dishonor of being used any more bearable however, nor it does erase the disgrace of tampering with the mind of a wounded which they didn't even bring down themselves. I do think the choice would have been uncertain if Revan and Bastila were alone there. In the end I don't think that was really a redemption anyway, after all it was a Jedi who made that decision not the Dark Lord of the Sith, he wasn't that anymore, he had changed already and that was not his choice.

  14. It's just a Jedi armor like Jal Shey's or Zeison Sha's, only it's red.


    Restricted to Dark Side

    Strength +1

    Defense Bonus 4

    Regeneration 2


    "It is believed that Darth Malak, the fallen former apprentice of Darth Revan, once possessed this garment. Malak and Revan are credited with starting the Jedi Civil War, which led to the collapse of the Jedi Order."


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