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  1. Its not certain unless we do it 992 more times. C'mon now, didn't you see the last presidential election ')
  2. The original sf had the wheel... you had to align up the planet with a particular object... or was that constellation? I forget, but yea... the original had one of those crazy wheels. Brilliant copy protection. What's that... pull it apart and copy it. No, they'll never figure that out. The thing I really hated about sf2 was that you had to use diskcopy and dual floppies (unless you were lucky enough to have a HD) all the time for restoring, backups, etc.
  3. Did I mention how I loathe 3e and up. Monsters shouldn't get classes unless they're unique or boss-esque monsters. I could see a cheiftan or a shaman having a class but a general run to the mill standard fodder for my party goblin is just that. I say this because... simply that they're scouting doesn't mean they actively train in observation and wilderness techniques? Granted, they're not exactly brutishly dumb but they have no rogue societal standard by which to train. Even as scout, they don't make attempt to hone in their skill or readily train, rather they're more likely just the o
  4. Not really... I rather enjoyed killing her, and the receptionist However, I didn't have to kill her right away. Rather, I just walked away after killing her boss and then came back to her later on after I was humoured by the fact that she'd also still spawn in the cantina as if nothing had happened yet.
  5. Yea... they'd just say it's worth me paying someone to take it off my hands. God, that thing brings back such memories... painful, tormenting memories. I can't tell you how slow EOB was on that... nevermind that I tried to play starflight II on it for almost a year before upgrading to a 386.
  6. More than anything its going to depend on the situation. L1 mage vs goblin (1HD -1, ave 3-4 hp), I've got a maginal chance of just nuking him with my magic missile. The warrior still has to roll 14 or better to even hit. Pit the mage vs kobold and you've got an ever greater chance the mage will nuke him (they're 1/2 HD). There is no save vs magic missile and its instantaneous casting with a range of 70 yards minimum, which is good room for retreat in case you don't get the job done. Granted, ranger's could probably be that accurate with a bow, but you've still got to roll to h
  7. Wow... I'm so pleased so see I'm not the only one who can remember such antiquated technology. What's sad is that I still have a functioning tandy 1000 HX sitting in my closet... complete with a snazzy rgb monitor
  8. Yea... its all about toe to toe and initiative really. Seems like the 2e casting time is 1 round, don't ask me about 3e because 3e is just stupid broken wrong (thanks wotc!) The mage is pretty powerful no matter what level imho, you just have to know how to play them effectively. Oh, and L1 fighter still has to hit you to be effective... more so than the mage (magic missile, burning hands...). Granted, L1 mage has like an AC of between 20 and 16, but there's always a chance for miss.
  9. roflmfao... c'mon now, hillsfar was at least in color
  10. Yea... it needs some serious adobe tweakage... Ima see if I can't sharpen it up and repost another linky edit: or not, even using unsharpen to jack the pixelation the best you can make out is the contour of the landscape in the bottom image. The top image is just arse all around. Well... just cause I said I would: http://www.arende.net/rlsala/nwn2b.jpg
  11. http://www.nwnwiki.org/Image:Nwn2ad.jpg As per some thread at bioware's nwn2 board.
  12. http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/forums/viewt...&forum=95&sp=30 Yea... its just sick wrong that absolutely NO ONE wants to buy this game. I'm in the same boat as another in the thread linked above. I was all pumped to buy it until I played the demo. Thank you Atari for saving me 49.99 and tax.
  13. Yea, I voted Jeremy Soule but not so much for the work on k1 but his overall works... I suspect however, in time Griskey could put himself on very near an even keel.
  14. Off topic (since there isn't likely to be a patch in THIS lifetime), anyone plan on purchasing any of the other LA releases like Republic Commando or BF2. IMHO, both look good but I'm a bit jaded now... of course, everywhere gives both of these an impressive review, but most of those same places just eat whatever LA spoonfeeds them so as to get exclusives.
  15. Desperate for something to stir your creative posting processes?
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