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  1. save the galaxy? my character wants to rule the galaxy and you need money to bribe all those murderwitnesses
  2. I never have or had a problem with the inventory system i just selled or broke down all the things i didn't need . i would get really pissed off however when i want to pick up or buy some real good piece of equipment and some pop up screen says ; "inventory full". i just hope that in the next kotor game they give you more valueable stuff instead off components and the like especially when they are the remains off a main character like dart bandon, sithmasters in freedon nadd's tomb etc.
  3. off topic:what is the difference between dark jedi and sith?
  4. i found that defeating hanharr wasn't all that difficult to do; just make sure mira is a jedi, has a strong lightsaber(doublebladed)and far developed healing powers(masterlevel) and enough medpacks/lifesupportpacks. then just hit him-heal-hit heal-hit heal and so on the only two 'people'that i found were more difficult to beat is the large monsterbeast and kreia I also equip two melee/lightsaber -combatants in the party and one ranged. ranged mostly; mandalore,all the droids(although i hardly use them),atton, bao-dur
  5. no i thgink you spent more time with visas than with the handmaiden that's the only thing i can come up with. tell me if you talk to handmaiden does she say something about going back to telos/atris ?
  6. oh jediphile i didn't know that, i never played with any of the droids
  7. any plot outline you have in mind will do, dawuss
  8. revan wasn't the chosen one, the exile wasn't either. they were both strong in the force in their one way but they had to be because they had to be in order to defeat the so called true sith. I mean when i talked tp kreia about this she said something like ; do you think that the ones we fought are sith? you are mistaken (this emplies that the sith you've fought in the game were push-overs compared to the true sith). Now what if the sith lord in the unknown regions has great power greater than revan or the exile. then i think it isn't so strange that the story has a chosen one prophecy
  9. how do you know for sure? in kotor 1 i also thought calo nord was dead but later on i still had to fight him again .....
  10. i think goto(not the droid the person) is davik and i hope they create new jedi masters better ones.
  11. although i disagree i think it's a good idea ,have you developed that idea further, dawuss?
  12. i think that the should have improved the ai of all computercontroled characters including enemies. i personally get very irritated when i am salvaging a mine and my compagnions run straight through the minefield ( i know you can set their modes to stationary, but i rather liked to see that the developement of the characters skill in awareness and demolitions determined if the characters would see and avoid mines instead of the attackmodes)
  13. can someone explain to me why someone evolves his character into anything except jedimaster/sithlord? if i start the game i begin as the type with the forcejump then level up until level 20 then convert into jedimaster for forcepower -developement. by the way why does anyone care that some of the other characters have or have not the ability of persuasion they never use it. but if you are interested; crank up your charisma which will give your persuasion-skill modifier points
  14. i'm sorry your right :"> maybe i hoped it was him he's got that funny yoda voice you know? :D
  15. i don't want to create an all powerful jedi/sith who can beat every npc in the game without breaking a sweat as in kotor 1 and 2. you begin at level 1 and your character develops into a powerful jedi but so will your enemies which will still give you the necessary challenge i only mean storiewise it will be fun to add a chosen one prophecie (side)-plot. if you have another story idea please post it
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