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  1. Found a bug, when trying to add new spells from a grimoire to your own (say aloths) the (+) plus symbol the usually appears in the corner is missing. Once you modify the spellbook (add a spell into an empty slot or remove a spell) the 'plus' symbol reappears on the corner of any unknown spells in that book. I didn't know where to put it but hope y'all can fix it
  2. When/where can we access the new companion? Or for that matter, how about a teaser video like you did for devil and big z?
  3. I would very much love this to be the case, or atleast have the option to scale the content further.
  4. I recently finished my PotD play of white marsh part 1 and am anxiously awaiting part 2. I'll continue working my way down the Endless Paths for now, but I too would LOVE some information about what character level the new Part 2 content is balanced for. I entered Part 1 at about lvl 6/7, and am now about lvl 9/10 without having done much of Act 2's content from the normal game. Will we have to option to play the part two content at more then one character level? Which ones? Im curious how the XP progression for the expansion combo fits into normal Pillars experience. It's definitely askew cur
  5. I'm in love with my current party, which is all hirelings because im doing PotD. My main is a Priest, and I have a Firegodlike Monk and Orlan Barbarian tank/debuffers. A Deathgodlike Wayfarer Paladin for melee dps, along with a Cipher (ranged) and Wizard both woodelves. It's fun having 3 casters and 3 melee, helps keep my backline clear.
  6. Your right, I exaggerate when i said ALL your buffs. a few select ones will serve you very well. I open up my fights by casting Armor of Faith and Circle of healing from my priest and Fetid Carcass from my wizard. Combined with some nice per encounter debuffs/casts like Barbarian Yell, and Whispers of Treason from my Cipher, it significantly changes the pace of the battle. Thats basically 1 to 2 spells per character in the first few seconds of combat, which I don't think is too much. Sure on Hard difficulty everyone could just cast offensive spells right off the bat, as it would kill the s
  7. I'm playing through the new WM content on PotD difficulty using a a full new character and a full party of hirelings. I wanted to do a second play through of the original game anyway (my first was on Hard, very different). The biggest change for me has been the NUMBER of mobs. See, even if my tanks COULD hold onto every monster they engaged, there would still be 3 more dood's trying to flood my backline. Here's my combat tips for dealing with it. 1) use choke points. Never fight in a big open area, you get swarmed and ownd. Use natural chokepoints to funnel enemies up against your tanks (
  8. Any idea if you can retrain the attributes of Hirelings? or are they locked out also?
  9. Does anyone have any idea what time specifically this will become available? 12:01am PST? I would like to think so, but many companies dont release till like 3 in the afternoon sometimes on release day. To be clear, this sucks and all I want to do is play the white marsh content RIGHT NOW
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