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  1. Long time no news... will this be fixed with the Expansion and the patch 2.0 ?
  2. Hello KTran, thank's for the response. there is one thread with some pictures here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75000-please-provide-an-option-to-disable-ui-scaling/ and here are some of mine... hm I cannot insert pictures in the forum so you can download them here https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/116215454810583463402/albums/6149435584478031601 Dxdiag https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9f6G4CmAuVPbFhmVUhlR19HU00/view?usp=sharing Monitor Dell U2711 27" 2560x1440 As you can see the 1080p text is pretty clear and crisp but the 1440p text is blurry on the edges and is faded / washed out. My eyes get tired really fast reading the 1440p text and playing the game in a 1080p window is not a good experience either.
  3. IMO it looks the same and I use the same resolution. Do you use some font scale in the game or 100% ?
  4. I wish they would say something about this issue... even that they are not going to fix it. Anything would be better than this silent.
  5. Your eyesight is not so good... the text and UI is scaled in every resolution higher than 1080p therefore blurry... see this post http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75000-please-provide-an-option-to-disable-ui-scaling/ It is a game problem.
  6. Yeah... I tried nVidia Dynamic Super resolution if it helps but with no improvement. It's up to Obsidian to do something with it...
  7. I get the pleasure of knowing I'm mature and rational enough to wait a couple of weeks for some patches. Then they should be more mature and rational and wait with releasing a unfinished game and test it more... or release it as Early Access or beta not as Full Release. I would't buy it if I knew that there is so many bugs and quite critical to gameplay. Compared to DO:S release this is a disaster.
  8. It is not hard to understand but a LOT of the bugs are very simple and easy to spot I think and still they are not fixed and please don't tell me that ppl have missed it in the beta. For example, Rogue Reckless Assault Modal ability, you cannot turn it off, somebody said that it was reported in beta and still it is not fixed... that is the sad thing.
  9. Did you try the code I posted? It works flawlessly for me. I did not test it, I use alt+tab a lot during play and using right alt for it is just as bad as the bug itself... I have to hope they fix it.
  10. Same problem here, I cannot disable Reckless Assault!!! What a waste of ability point, so many bugs I hope this will be fixed in the upcoming patch. Btw. I thought that there was a backer beta, how is it possible that so many bugs were missed?
  11. I hope the font will be fixed soon! Playing on 1440p... my eyes get tired pretty soon reading the blurry text.
  12. I added "-popupwindow" in the PoE steam launch options, I still pause when I alt-tab. So it isn't working. You dont need to use the "-popupwindow" launch option... just untick the Fullscreen option in the graphics menu and the game will run in borderless window by default and without pause if you alt tab.
  13. My question is... how can you unbind them? I constantly have a "F12 hotkey!" tab over the others when selecting a teammember. As if those floating things weren't enough to not have more I don't need at all... (I probably bound it unwittingly making a screenshot :/) Help? Just press the same key again with your mouse on the skill.
  14. Yeah, the function works on TAB but if you change it to Left Alt, it does not work, it's simple as that.
  15. You can bind abilities to any key you want.. just hover over ability and press the key you want to bind it, thats it.
  16. I would like to rebind Highlight Interactables to "left alt" key but when I change the key it stops working in-game. I can bind it to any other key and it works just fine but not with left alt... I am used to have this function on left alt key from Diablo and other ARPG games, please fix this. Thanks
  17. So can someone please confirm, that you can change the difficulty in-game? If so then hard it is, if I get demolished I can then switch to normal...
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