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  1. I'm one of the few who adored baldurs gate 1&2 and then adored it more with the EE's. The EE's put a tonne of polish on them imo. I'm also one of the guys who preferred BG1, but this is maybe a nostalgia thing. The story really got me by the eye balls and unravelling everything was brilliant fun.
  2. I agree with a lot of things in this thread, I'm also really enjoying it. What about, armour specific, if heavier armours reduced deflection slightly? I suppose that would be similar to the dexterity limit in never winter nights etc... I wasn't a fan, just throwing it out there.
  3. There's a few exceptionally minor bugs there, granted. I am thoroughly enjoying the game, and I reckon Pillars is still a solid 9/10 in my opinion.
  4. I agree. I'm the few hours I've had I have been captivated. Beautifully presented.
  5. I've only been following the game for around 4 months now, can't image how this feels for the backers! Anyway, I'm in "sunny" Scotland so I'll have my busy day tomorrow, get some uni work done, then get home to play play play. (I'll obviously do no work and just follow the forums all afternoon *snigger*)
  6. I'd agree with the OP that $45 could be a bit steep for a game you don't know much about. And i'm not going to tell anyone how much money they have to spend on video games, or that they have an obligation to support new products. Saying that - it is my favourite genre and I blindly pre-purchased anyway Looks like it was a good move.
  7. Hey, signed up just so I could contribute to this thread! My first RPG type game was Warriors of the Eternal Sun, on the Megadrive when I was around 6-7 in the 90's. I asked my dad to get more games like it, and he phones up whatever gaming magazine it was called back then who told him the Megadrive wouldnt be supporting games like it again. What he wanted to do was get Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate is my favourite thing of all time. That thing grabbed my by the eyeballs, changing my entire outlook of playing. It drove my mum nuts! With that, i've always wanted to play RPG's, and I eagerly a
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