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  1. This is the reason i wont be getting the expansion anytime soon if at all. I really cant bring myself to do another playthrough. I thought i'd be able to access the expansion AFTER I've finished the main quest
  2. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the game. I thought the stretch goals would make this game massive. If it wasn't for the extra funding allowing for the stretch goals, POE would of been a disappointment imho. Things like two large cities, Twin elms wasn't even a city. I got frustrated in the end when there wasn't many adjoining maps to the North, East, South and West. All that open space on the background of the world map, I set my heights way to high.
  3. Having just read the pc gamer interview, its good to know the stronghold will be improved, A centralised area for new companions to seek you out. Hopefully not all new companions will come knocking on your door though.
  4. i'm pretty sure brighthollow and the stronghold are two separate kickstarter stretch goals. If you read the stretch goals you will see http://pillarsofeternity.wikia.com/wiki/Pillars_of_Eternity player house is the 2 million goal and the stronghold is the 3 million goal. both of which are a bit underwhelming.
  5. Problem solved, well kinda. I killed the lioness Sul and her followers. Then when I spoke to Desthwn the option was there. Quest complete. Only the game thinks the bear Oernos is the champion even though I killed him first
  6. my journal tells me to return to Desthwn, but when I click on him, I don't get any further dialogue options. I started this quest by talking to irensi , the elf standing next to Sul. I proceeded to kill Oernos then I found and spoke to Desthwn. after speaking to Desthwn the quest triggered, but i'm unable to complete it. I later realised this quest is part of the council of stars quest. And even after speaking to galawain, speaking to Desthwn still does not end the quest.
  7. I think i read somewhere that the ranger sangini has a fox as a companion. Something we cant choose. Its to make the companions unique.
  8. I pre-ordered it too, after watching countless vids on youtube, seeing the game just get better and better with each build. I finally gave in to temptation. I just wish I had backed it from the start, not to get the backer beta, but to support a great team. I've not been this hyped for a game in a very long time.
  9. I think the direction the river is flowing in is the question, not the waterwheel..
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