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  1. decided to go elsewhere first. explored the world a bit, gained levels, came back and now it worked, so anyone coming across the same issue: just put this quest on the backburner for now and revisit it later.
  2. of course, my bad. here, my party is standing right in front of the elevator, i choose option 1 (go down), 1 (end) and it crashes. win10home, i5-7300, geforce gtx1050, 8gb ram Faleya (TheGullet) (59b916b8-d55c-4d25-a1fd-e71cad7e618c) (756002410).zip
  3. I keep getting a crash to desktop when trying to rescue Boha or whatever he's called from the old city, I can take the lift and get the option to remain in the Gullet or go down, but when chosing to go down it crashes while loading the map. Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire.zip
  4. as long as you aren't aligned with any faction you can do the following: do the first quest each faction gives you, this doesnt prevent you from joining another faction but gives you access to their merchant. I did this on my playthrough but can't remember any huge differences in their item selection, so I'd say you don't miss out on TOO much, but still it is better to do those quests before aligning, since it also gives you more XP
  5. i think you need to absorb him to be able to get through to the 2 magic items
  6. thank you everyone. So I guess I just drop her from my party and pick her up in BG2 and take the probably bad selection of weapon proficiences as a price for the better stats Question answered and this thread is no longer necessary. Great community here^^
  7. I know this is offtopic as hell, but I figure that a few people around here have (recently) re-played BG1&2 and might be able to answer me this quick question faster than any "dedicated" BG-forum... Do Jaheira's stats (her Dex increases from 15 to 17 for example) go up if you have her in your party in BG1 and then continue to BG2 (via Baldurs Gate Trilogy)? Also: what if I give her one of the + stat-point tomes in the game? thanks, and I promise I will answer some more PoE-questions in these forums next^^
  8. No, not to my knowledge. But then I just went almost straight for the end of the game from there, so it might be (dont expect it though) Also: yet another argument against building those dungeons, thanks
  9. yeah but that seems to stem from other decisions you made when talking to him, not the dominate iselmyr-discussion (or not only), I'd say. For example I told him that the truth is better and that the leaden key cant be redeemed and has to be destroyed and got a different ending.
  10. Okay that answers my question whether or not the bountys are random, they're not :D so to answer your questions: - you can return to Defiance Bay If you continue collecting bounties, I'd love to get an update from you when you have collected the 2nd round...
  11. Have you had her broker the trade agreement before returning? I think that might be necessary, at least that's what I did before returning. No idea if there are different assassins if you dont take her with you since she became an integral part of my group immediately^^
  12. Concerning the Temple of Woedica I can't really help you, have you tried going back there to see if it does anything? for 2.+3.
  13. yeah, I figure it is "murders of opportunity" (singled out NPCs) first and then after dealing with the main Defiance Bay storyline I can go back and kill everyone I left out before. Maybe do the Caed Nua dungeon first.
  14. I had something like this after returning to Defiance Bay from Twin Elms concerning being ambushed by the Key elsewhere:
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