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  1. *bump* Any official words on this? What does silence mean, you cannot identify the bug? The bug is so rare that it wont be fixed? The bug is not reproducable? I dont like being ignored, but this issue's has been around for ages...
  2. Hello guys, I must tell you this bug is not fixed! It just ocurred today to me at Endless Path Level 5... I think I've the latest version of the game: v3.03.1047 PX1 PX2 - any ideas what's causing this? Have you ever looked into that bug? Please try to fix this... Im playing on Linux - I can provide more information if needed.
  3. Hi I just wanted to report that this was the problem, reinstalling with the right versions did the trick. Thanks Aarik for the fast support, also thank you Ineth for pointing out the issue with the versions. I totally agree, its stupid that GOG uses its own version scheme, its so useless and unlogical - the ones doing the product should manage the version number and nobody else. A redistribution of a product cannot change its version... this only makes it more complicated for people to deal with software. Edit: The only bug which remains and is not related to my problem, are th
  4. Hi Ineth Oh okay, I just checked GOG again - yes there are now new installers regarding white_march_part_1 and 2... They werent uploaded when I did download a fresh base game yesterday (or the day before?). I'll retry with these files then...
  5. Hi again Compiled and installed fresh nvidia drivers, no change. I updated the Player.log - well this workstation is running ECC memory with an ZFS pool, so corruption at I/O level is near impossible - only thing that can happen is that the downloaded file was corrupted... sadly GOG doesnt provide any checksums to compare with. What about this $HOME/.cache/unity3d/... is this a directory I should remove?
  6. Hi Aarik Thanks for the fast response, yes this install (regarding the new one) is really a fresh one (GOG Install). Originally I attempted to update my existing one, but failed because one patch couldnt be applied (Version woes....). So the inst. files I ran are in order: gog_pillars_of_eternity_2.11.0.15.sh gog_pillars_of_eternity_white_march_part_1_dlc_2.0.0.1.sh gog_pillars_of_eternity_white_march_part_2_dlc_2.0.0.1.sh And this were the latest ones available on GOG. You can fetch my player log here: http://www.ninth-art.de/files/Player.log I wasnt able to upload it
  7. Hello Im experiencing some graphic glitches which indicating lacking textures or other GLX related problems. I've attached screenshots, Im using the same savegame I had before - wanting to continue my party. The glitches are not in my previous install v2.00.0706 - I didnt want to begin a new game, I could do so of course. You can download a diff output from: http://www.ninth-art.de/files/POE-diff.txt.gz (gzipped text file) which shows the directory differences of my old inst. POE-orig compared with the new one POE-WM2. Any suggestions? Im using an GeForce GTX970 graphic card wi
  8. Seems to me that the Windows backers get more love than the Mac OS & Linux ones:https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72520-cloaks-are-not-shown-on-characterlinux/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71859-mac-os-x-no-capescloaks/ It’s been reported six months ago, and still nothing to see… There isn't much we can do about this. We are using Shroud for our cloth simulation. At the time we were implementing it, it worked on Windows and Mac. We thought it would also be available for Linux before we shipped the game. Unfortunately, the Linux port of Shroud didn't come through and
  9. Hello guys I just want to tell, that I've discovered an bug in an dialog sequence. First of all -> Im not on the newest patch, it can be that this bug is already discovered and fixed? If so please confirm and close this Thread, I dont have the time to crawl the complete forum... The version in my game is v1.0.6.0591 - Im not running the newest because I want to finish my first and only savegame prior advancing patches. (Im a slow gamer, also have not much time to spend sadly...) The bug is in the Od Nua Level 12, if siding with the Vithracks in Tcharek's dialog sequence. Yo
  10. I agree too, I'd really like to have visible cloaks on Linux as well. I usually never play on Windows 'coz Im not into the typical AAA titles (rather retro, indie etc.). Can any dev give us some updates? Why cant that Shroud Plugin not be ported? How about working with the Numenera guys, maybe they can help too... Any developer feedback is highly appreciated.
  11. Most likely your editor doesnt support unicode, or you are using a different encoding? You must change your editors encoding then to UTF-8. Apart from that, the first line in the file should reflect the files encoding... (if handled probably). Do not store XML files in a different encoding than unicode except if you have a very good reason....
  12. The wrapper is unity basically, I'd guess that Unity supports both... DirectX is not available on non-windows platforms (I dont count wine).
  13. There is no real reason, while Im no game developer (but a developer) I dont have much clue about the unity toolset. However as far as I got it, the reasources are .NET assemblies encapsulated in some unity resource format (guess they also can hold other data...). Sure .NET assemblies are great, provide reflection and can be loaded at runtime - however indeed for game settings and various script they could have used an resource loader which may either load XML (or maybe for games JSON would be better?). Then people could very easily tinker with options, test new values etc - would have
  14. This isnt messnig with any game file, its just editing a script - gog uses a start.sh so it can be put in there. All you need to do is export the LC_ALL env var prior starting the game (so its in the current environment) - whether you do this by editing some script, or by adding your own wrapper is not relevant.
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