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  1. Can you explain how you did this? Which console commands can add Pallegina back to the party after she departs?
  2. Did the family quest with her in it and opted for a bloody result. Forgot she might not like that---I realize the answer might be to stash her and repeat the fight but, as she might be keen to leave me again for other reasons, is there a way to force her back into the party using console commands? Have not had any luck via google.
  3. at the moment, what INT does is simply for larger AoE, I have Tekehu druid, casting Foe Only magic that encompasses most of the map is kinda insane. For now I stat INT at normal default value of 10 for my main. Agreed. I gave up on a chanter build when I realized I could not get any of my summons or debuffs to last extra rounds, because of how short duration things are by default on Chanter. You are meant to constantly apply low duration abilities, but that really does not work in turn based very well.
  4. Yeah I stopped my chanter play through for similar issues here. A lot of their debuffs are also very short duration, and playing around with the console, to ever get my stun or paralysis to gain an extra round beyond 1 I would need something like 30+ intelligence. Basically there is almost 0 value in increasing your intelligence as a chanter in turn based outside of area of effect, and that alone is not as attractive as duration + area of effect in the normal mode. I also think it makes the Skald a real chore to play, since before all of their spells were relatively 'quick' to cast at melee, allowing you to swing your sword around and take a brief pause to unload your phrases. In the new system you give up a full turn for it however, and probably is no doubt what dual wield players are feeling where being fast no longer feels very impactfull. On the other hand, it is great to feel like two handed weapons are now actually the meta choice, after Pillars 2 being so dominated by attack speed and dual wield builds. I think it be nice however if turn based mode (if it does not take a FF10 approach to turn order) gives you a a move, 2 free actions, a lesser actions (for a quick action) and a normal attack. Lesser actions could be used to cast 'quicker' spells as well as maybe strike with your off hand weapons.
  5. Thinking about my next potd play through and a monk or monk mc is appealing to me but I wanted to avoid ranged weapon cheese. Any suggested builds?
  6. Is there any gear that is really beneficial for a solo shifter I should be on the watch out for? Is there any way, without multi classing, to get reliable aoe on a shifter?
  7. So in Solo POTD you fire with Artelial then just run away? Seems cheesy, but I guess its also really effective.
  8. Thank you. That helps a lot. Since Whisper and Heart of Fury as so late game, I guess I'll stick with holy slayer for now. So you think going DOTS (aterial/gouging) is better than pierce the bell + its upgrade for ranged? Do you think Monk/Ranger is stronger than Holy Slayer in the early/mid damage? Or only when it gets driving flight?
  9. Question: I'm doing a SOLO POTD playthrough right now as a Paladin/Street Fighter. Do you think Solo Monk is stronger before HoF? It certainly seems to have some yummy advantages. I was relying on the hand mortars making my flames of devotion and rogue abilities into AoE',s but there is certainly no crazy aoe stuff I see in your build. Against normal groups of enemies in POTD though, what do you think is stronger? The Rogues straight up high damage modifiers from street fighter, death strike etc, or the monk shenanigans?
  10. 1. During the buff period of shared devotions are all your attacks considered fire attacks for the purpose of the fire accuracy ring and penetration passive? 2. How is fire pen passive interacting here? Does only the fire lash portion of the damage benefit, or all of it?
  11. Thank you. Yeah checking out the calculator, swift strikes does next to nothing for attack speed. It doesnt seem to stack with coral snuff, potion of relentless strikes or deftness. Not sure if its an issue with the calculator or just how it works. That said, Hunting Bow module looks incredible. -15 accuracy seems nasty but you are getting so many more strikes off.
  12. I see. Well that certainly helps, though I still come back to the trouble of comparing effects. I imagine the lashes will be stronger in general, since penetration is a bit binary; as long as you can pierce, then it doesnt matter until you can double (which probably aint happening anytime soon). Do Nelpazza have easier access to wounds then Hellwalkers?
  13. Playing a perception/dex/might ranged character in a playthrough and I'm curious what will result in better damage? My thoughts originally around devoted was to maximize the amazing accuracy of Ranger and push my crit higher. Since 1 accuracy seems to equal 1% crit chance (as long as you can roll a crit), my thoughts are... Devoted seems to offer +2 pen all the time +25% crit damage. Is this treated like lash damage when it comes up. I.E are crits multiplicative or additive bonuses? +5 perception (+5% crit rate?), 50% Graze to hit, 25% hit to critical hit +10 accuracy through conq stance (+10% crit rate?) Armored Grace for some extra attack speed (not sure how effective this is) Weapon Mastery & Weapon Specialization for 15% total additive damage. Penetrating Strike since we don't use much Discipline, which is +25% damage and 4 extra pen. Hell Walker +10 might when you eventually reach wounds cap (more on this later), for 30% additive damage, starting at 9%. +30% Action Speed (15% from Lightning Strikes, 15% from Quick). +15% Lightning Lash Damage +6% to 20% Fire Lash Damage +3 to +10 Intelligence: Doesn't much help damage but less spending resources on buffs is worth noting. +3 to +12 accuracy via Dance of Death (this takes time) +2 pen and +15 % additive damage from Tenacious (This costs Wounds). My main concern with Hell Walker is ramp up. It seems playing ranged it might take a while (21 seconds ish) to get up to max wounds, and any use of Thunderous blows will drop me down (unless Enduring Dance is never broken, which would be keen). How do these stack up to someone that doesn't know the inner workings of the damage mechanics? How would devoted work vs hellwalker before hellwalker is at full wounds and after wards? How powerful are 'hit to crit' conversions and crit builds vs elemental lash builds? Does the fact that ranged monk not having a spendable ranged damage resource hurt it with this kind of build?
  14. Either MC or Single Class, are shifters competitive with other optimized melee builds? Looking over their power set I'm having some trouble figuring out how to abuse this subclass.
  15. Do yourself a favor and pick up a chanter / wizard. Ningauth's Teaching grimoire (arkemy'rs treasure chamber), very good deflection / armor rating buffs and crowd control spells + infinite animated weapons in late game, they deal pretty good damage. I would say, it's god tier class. Arnt most wizard buffs personal only?
  16. Having some trouble in decided between two custom party members. After looking over the options, I've thought it be nice to have 2 chanters, giving the party different buffs and focusing them on different chanter 'attacks', but when looking at the last two tiers of powers I'm left wondering if its really worth going pure chanter and not multi classing with something else. What are peoples opinions on pure chanters support capability against something like chanter/priest.
  17. Fighter/Ranger and by far. Remember that, your added perception will result in more crits due to how the attack roll system works, and Ranger's have heaps and heaps and heaps of possible accuracy bonuses. Fighter has access to the astounding Tactical barrage, which for its duration gives the impressive set of bonuses. +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit, 25% Hit-to-Crit That's not exactly as good as a barbarian's natural hit to crit, but its damn good! Conquers Stance is another flat, always on +10 Accuracy. Something I read elsewhere was that straight X to X conversions were not additive, so there is a bit of diminishing returns action going on. Raw Accuracy helps here a lot since it is additive. Not to mention as a resource spender, Penetrating strike is nice: 4 bonus penetration and 20% bonus damage, works with any weapon (so ranged). Can also pick up armored grace which isnt bad!
  18. In that case, I think Scoderos + Kapana Taga is a better combination. Kapana is going to give you +2 engagements when enchanted, and it does its extra raw damage immediately, so there is no issue of overlap. It also gains 5% damage per engaged enemy, which with 3-4 dudes is about what your flanking bonus is getting you from the spear. It should also just do more damage on average cause it does best of slash or crush (the later of which enemies seem to not have alot of DR in). Kapana effective will make you engagement neutral if you were using a spear(+1 with modal) and a shield (+1) and you will get the benefit of the crazy full attacks of charge, cleaving stance, etc.
  19. Sure, I'm not saying its a bad weapon, but trying to ascertain what is the very best. Here is a question for you; does applying that DOT while its still up stack the dot, or extend the duration? If it stacks (i.e you can have multiple instances of it up on the same foe) then thats very good. If it merely resets the duration, not so much.
  20. I'm not sure I would agree with that. I mean, its not bad. But at 15 stealth thats +25 damage vs flanked, but an increase in damage is additive. Modwyr is giving you a 20% elemental damage lash which ends up being far more damage since its multiplicative.
  21. I'm almost tempted to think that Scordeo might make Street Fighter somewhat unnecessary. The 50% damage while flanked is nice for certain, but rogue actives arn't all that spectacular. Street Fighter: 50% recovery time (kind of sorta of negated), 50% damage against flanked, 100% crit when bloodied. 30% damage from sneak attack. 50% damage with deathblows. Dirty fighting for 10% hit to crit. There is also the 20% bleed but, i dont believe that stacks on the target, and if we are attacking super fast, it's not an amazing damage source unless it did stack. HellWalker Monk: +1 might per wound. If your on average sitting around 4 unspent wounds, thats 12% damage. 20% action speed on strikes. Ignoring cheese swift flurry and going lightnign strikes is a 30% lash (which is better than other damage mods, since its a multiplier). Turning Wheel at 4 wounds is another 20% lash. Monk doesnt really have a good full attack spam like Rogue does. Berserker: 5 might (15% damage) and 2 pen (which as I understand, is effectively a 20% lash unless they have no armor left after pen), 30% hit to crit, 25% action speed, 25% bonus while bloodied, 20% damage from one stands alone, 20% attack speed from blood lust, bloody slaughter comes out to 5% damage/10% crit damage overall, blood thirst auto recover is like a mini scordeo's proc (or a major, last 10 seconds). Looking at it this way, its hard for me to judge. For spammable powers, Barbaric Smash looks very good compared to eliminating blow. Both cost two resources and are full attacks. 50% damage, +10 accuracy (so +10 crit cahnce) and 200% damage by percent lost means finishing blow will probably do more single target damage, but barbaric smash 2 penetration ends up being 20% more damage, and while it has much less raw bonus damage (25%), the whopping 30% of hits to crits and 50% crit damage ontop of the expanded carnage area and berserk extra hit to crit means we should get reliable crits and refundability, so you can semi spam this ability after using up your warrior resources on charging. It *feels* to me that, against many enemies that barbarian/devoted is going to be better once you have scordeos edge proccing, because of its inherit aoe. Against single targets, Monk seems better? Rogue can get 50% recovery going while blooded, but Monk has 20% action speed, and rogue has a lot of built in additive damage bonus vs the monks much better lashes. The only issue with monk is there isn't a good resource spender other than maintaining your buffs it feels like. Their full attacks largely seem to be CC based. Rogues street fighter generally doesnt come online in single target fights until you hit bloodied, leaving you with sneak attack and death blows. In group fights is fine but, the aoe of the barbarian probably wins out there. Edit: Thinking about this more, if attacks from Carnage have a chance to proc Scordeos (either of its affects actually) then that puts Barbarian way ahead of Street Fighter on aoe situations (more so in fact). In single target a Street Fighter does not really come online until they are bloodied either, which is a big down side over barb or monk.
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