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  1. Thats a good point, I believe power level does affect durations, so it should do? but I cant test that as I dont know of any cheats :S (Ive been testing using the 'start at level 4' blessing)
  2. This is not entirely true, I have done some testing, and put the results in a thread here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108151-turn-based-mode-and-troubador/?p=2134678
  3. In my testing it seems to have tried to add the 3 seconds +int bonus onto the 1 round initial duration and rounded it down to 1 round total duration, only on my troubador did it last 2 rounds, I cant remember what int value I had at the time though, I should do some more testing and see at what point that changes, but its definately way easier to achieve on the troubador (which makes sense since they get a bonus to that). [EDIT]: Just tested again, and this is true, even with 20 int a standard chanter has a 1 round total duration on their chants (the linger essentially doesnt happen due to
  4. Ive been doing some testing with chanter on turn based mode Overall btw, very good job on the mode so far, its looking very good and I like what you've done with how dex affects things, I feel that dex and int are definately still relevent in this mode. (though worth noting that dex is probably more important for casters in this mode due to the casting delays) Anyway, onto the chanter: One of the current issues here is that the chanter is working with lots of very small durations, and thus rounding things to whole rounds is making the balance a bit wonky, specifically im talking
  5. NM, just saw the dev post, made a new topic in the appropriate forum: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108151-turn-based-mode-and-troubador/?p=2134612 Sorry
  6. Technically, it takes longer to get your points at higher levels (higher level chants take longer) however, fights also become longer. TBH, in my (admitedly limited) experience of the game and as a chanter, having a chanter and making the most of them requires playing a certain way, at least when it comes to tankchanters. It's worth noting that wearing armour slows down your DPS, but will slow the DPS of the enemy hitting you by more, so a strategy that can work with chanters is to go plate armour on the whole party. All the fights will take longer, but thats a good thing with a chanter or
  7. Fight some and check the hit calculations. +6-8 points of deflection won't help you. Yeah but you are assuming its my only source of deflection, getting some perception, resolve, as well as some + deflection enchantments, combined with the deflection granting spells will alow a wizard to effectively 'deflection stack' like a shield wielding character might... at least, as far as I can tell, I've not actually tested trying to pump deflection on a wizard. If it really had that little effect, then not even tanks would bother, but they do have more effect than just deflection bonuses,
  8. I wouldn't always recomend that though, Dex has no affect on the chants, but it still affects their attack speed, which will affect the DPS of their basic weapon attacks, which is most of their DPS, especially for the first 12 seconds of combat. This does of course depend on your build, if you're a pure tank you probably don't care about their DPS ^^
  9. You know thinking about it, im not entirely convinced by the 'resolve and perception is usless to a wizard' line of thinking. Sure early on in the game you only really come across melee enemies and its not hard to keep them away from your back line, but as im progressing im finding range is getting more common, I can definately see having low deflection as a serious problem on your back line characters against a force composed of several archers and some melee, the AI does seem to like targeting your back line for such things as I've noticed with shades. I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of
  10. Chanters eventually get a song that speeds up gun reload times significantly. This is a very good point, the one situation i'd see not putting a chanter in plate is if you go ranged DPS chanter and use that chant with some of the other DPS focused chants and invocations (and/or summons to block enemies from reaching you). You wont be getting your invocations as much (because fights wont last as long) but your gonna boost the ranged dps of both yourself and your party, which could be pretty effective, I've not tried this though, maybe I'll try a 4 ranger/rogue/cypher + ranged DPS chante
  11. This post is genius, and sums up the OP and most of this whole thread. OP just doesn't like it, which is fair enough, but they will never get a satisfying answer out of this thread, they just don't like its play style etc. I personally loved D:OS, one of the best games I've played, certainly in recent years. It's like trying to ask me why I like spicey food so much, I can give you all sorts of answers, but that wont make you magically start liking spicey food
  12. This happended to me as well when I first got him, it came to a point where I was really confused about how the Chanter class works. Any way then I went down into the Od Nua endless dungeon under Caed Nua, and the amount of enemies per engagement meant he had the time needed to sing the necessary three chants to get to 3 points, and now I love him (or rather I love his skeletons ). I agree with Baleros about the tank/offtank comment. At first I used him ranged with his standard rifle, which worked fine enough. Now I have him in plate armor, shield and sword. That combined with getting him
  13. I think its fair to say that all stats are more usefull in general in Pillars than in the old IE games, it is however, not perfect. I also like the stat distributions on NPCs, primarily because they fit their personalities, certain stats wouldn't make sense on some of them simply because it doesn't fit them, this is important for immersion and roleplay purposes (this isn't just a game of mechanics and optimisation ) However, I also agree that there could perhaps be some improvement. But I don't think that the answer is to give them optimised stats (not everyone will want them in the
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