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  1. At least you can play it. I won't even get the chance to play 1.0.0 even if I want to. I guess it's 1.0.4 that'll be on my disc when it turns up? Dodging spoilers has been so much fun thus far and I've been at least 70% successful at it!!!!!
  2. Yes I would be prioritising existing customers, but that would be expecting too much I suppose. 48 days since the game's release and still nothing for me. Not even a courtesy email from Paradox or Obsidian or anyone saying 'sorry for the delay, but your game is coming!' I'll give it til Friday before contacting Paradox. Out of the 36 successful Kickstarters I've pledged to, currently I'd rank my experience here as 2nd worst on the list. But hey, still room for 'improvement'. (Apologies for the tone of this message but I am gradually becoming rather miffed about this and I'd lik
  3. That doesn't help those like BoneNinja and myself (and others) who are in the situation of having already arranged for a friend or spouse or use the 2nd copy of the game. They are offering one key and not a second to go along with the delayed physical copy (which I kind of understand as it was advertised as DRM-free, but the deliberate delay of the DRM free copy wasn't part of the offering).
  4. Another huge oversight when the bizarre poll was made to delay discs being sent out (that digital only backers could vote in anyway). Still waiting on the box. Still waiting on shipment notification.
  5. Backed the day the Kickstarter launched. Still 'Shipping Soon'. No despatch email. Not even in the spam/junk folder. Cannot play until I get my physical version. At least the game will be thoroughly tested when (if?) I get it...
  6. Unless you are a physical backer with two copies and had already arranged to give the digital one away. But still...shipping "soon"!
  7. The whole thing reeks of a last-minute decision and has been a bit of a mess to be honest. That said, the main thing is that the game is happening at all and I'm trying not to lose sight of that. If Obsidian do any future crowd funding drives in the future though, there is 0% chance I will be backing at a high tier or any physical tiers.
  8. If it's shipped from outside the EU, then it's a real possibility. At least with only one shipment, that lessens the hit. But as you say, it depends where the goods are being shipped from. I don't think this issue occurred to Obsidian otherwise it would have been addressed in the update. That's fine though, it's more launching the vote at the same time as consultation that is a little more irksome (not to mention the text of the update strongly recommends voting for choice #1). I'm sure they will give clarification in time.
  9. I'd worry less if Obsidian/Paradox confirmed it Duty will be nil regardless as the threshold is too high, but even if VAT is 0.01p (which it wouldn't be), the privatised Royal Mail would charge around £12.00 clearance/holding fee that cannot be appealed. And this would be doubled for two separate shipments. Trust me, I have (bad) experiences of this kind of thing!
  10. Yeah I got the Wasteland 2 collector's edition also and noticed it was shipped from an EU location. If Obsidian and Paradox can come up with a similar solution, then that would be ideal. Me too mate, but if they send it in two packages from outside the EU, your sorting office might withhold both packages until you pay VAT on them AND a holding fee! Multiply that by two potentially.
  11. Thank-you. Since my two posts before were in review for a while before accepted, when they were approved (cheers, by the way!) they were 'posted' in-place at the time they were made. Meaning, a lot of people didn't get to see my point. PLEASE address this issue, Obsidian. Marking it as a gift doesn't always work and is technically a false declaration. Customs (in the UK at least) can ignore it if they wish,
  12. My first post is still in review as I type this and the #1 votes are racking up before I can express my concerns. There is a higher chance that certain international backers will have to pay two lump sums of import tax because of this. Not the best experience, you'll agree?
  13. If the first option wins, please mark the packages as a very low dollar value so that we don't get stung for tax twice.
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