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  1. Awesome mod! Do you have any plans to look at Spiritshift? I especially think single class Shifter could use some sort of buff either to the subclass directly or to a Wildstrike Frenzy.
  2. 1. I have a particular fondness for Shapeshifting druids and unfortunately they weren't really to my liking in POE1. Spiritshift could be quite effective but in the end it was only short timed damage boost. This also meant that the only forms that were attractive were the ones with the highest damage. I would like to see some kind of modal solution and with the Spiritshift subclass we will hopefully get that. I would also like to see a bigger difference between the forms. It would be interesting if you could build your druid around your form; a bear mauling/tanking druid, a stealthy backstabbing cat druid, maybe a wolf howl-buffing druid. 2. A found that some classes, especially that caster ones, had to few choices in talents/abilities when leveling up. More options! 3. Priests spells that are locked to specific deities. 4. I have also had weak side for "monster" companions in RPG's. Compaions like Shale (DA:O), Construct (NWN2), Okku (MotB). Would love to see at elast one in POE2. (Vithrack please!) 5. I would like to see that companions have unique abilities/gear that only they can use. Pallegina had that with her order which was nice but I would like that all compations had something at least. 6. I really liked souldbound weapons in POE1, I hope they make a return, but with even longer stories and harder processes to unlock! 7. Continue with spell holding and on hit spells effects, provides cool variety and open ups strange niche builds.
  3. I'll have to place myself in the no pre-buffing camp after all. I did feel the frustration from time to time, that I had to wait for the combat flag to pop up before casting certain spells. But rather that than this constant buffing ritual before every fight that happen for example in BG2. When it is an necessity to pre-buff before every major battle it remove both some fun and strategic elements from the fight, and if it isn't necessary then the spells are probably not worth their spell slots. As other has mentioned, it is about choice and options. Do I waste some precious seconds in beginning of the battle to buff up my squad, summon monsters or do I go all out with the artillery? When there is no consequence, as in pre-buffing, there is just the question of: Do I pre-buff and probably win the fight, or not pre-buff and probably lose it. Because if pre-buffs exists, the battles will be balanced for it as well. Thou I would like to see the restrictions loosened a bit, out of my head I can think of shapeshift, cipher charm powers (?), some character centered spells and maybe summoned weapons.
  4. I have a similar problem. I did also have that big door but i managed to get one companion behind it and open it somehow but now I can't get down to level 2. There is just level one on the map.
  5. Thanks for the information guys, this explains alot! I had been trumbled by this since i begun playing as I wanted to play a spiritshifted focused druid but the information about what effects it and not is severely lacking. I did create my Bearshifting dwarf druid but this constantly deshifting was really confusing me, and escpecially, killing me alot! I would really like to see Obsidian shange this back to constant duration and give some more information about what affects it and not, maybe with some spellcasting disadvantage while being shifted to balance it out? I could see maybe increased spellcasting time (making concentration and fast casting spells more important).
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