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  1. Well how about making it cross-platform, this entire xbox/PS/PC exclusive crap is so stupid. It should be designed for the platform with the most potential and then be downgraded for anything that can't keep up. CAPITALISM SUCKS!
  2. I just saw ROTS...it was OK...not great, but OK. Sadly I have to say the critics got it right. There is realy no substance to the movie, it explains every thing but not very convincingly. The acting, especially that of Hayden Christensen, is poor and the script is even worse. The entire problem IMO is that too much time was wasted telling strories of lesser importance in Episode I + II (mostly Episode I, damn Jar-Jar Binx ). Those should have been covered in one movie so there would have been more time to elaborate the conflict and evolving of the characters. The one thing everyon
  3. @ Cloris: Well I haven't seen any porn that has anything artistic about it (and I'm old enough for that matter, 27 ), but as you've said it's a matter of opinion. I think the entire violence and gore issue is just about as over rated as the nudity and vulgarity part. Just think of cartoons! They down-play the severity of violent actions alot more than most games do that are rated for adults, still parents have no problem letting their kids watch that kind of stuff. As far as the rating system is concerned, in Germany, wehre I live right now, the rating system is even more useless
  4. I'm not sure if it actually was planed like that, but I would certainly like to see the storyline for the next game pick up that possibility. Sending characters off to places that don't appear is simply the best way to take them out of the story. It was done like that for both movies as well as games before and mostly it was done because a new character was introduced. (I actually can't remember it being done because of any other reason)
  5. @Jay: Well since you're pointing out that filters sort of censor the artists vision and therefore are corrupting the intent. I'd have to say that art is always relative! There are lots of people who would consider porn as art, but in the same way the drawing of a three year old could be considert art. I guess what I'm trying to say is, that the level of nudity or vulgarity sort of sets the sceen for the rest of the movie, game, music or whatever. There are tons of great movies that do just fine with out nudity, because the plot doesn't need graphic support. On the other hand Pulp Fict
  6. Sure, Revan as well as the Exile were sent to some far away place to be taken out of the game with some reason behind it. But it would still be an elegant way to tie the previous, well designed plots, and the future plot together. Using elements, like the "true sith" and the former PCs, that are left undetermined would make an interesting story, especially for continuing players.
  7. True something like that was said, but coming from Kreia, who manipulated the character through out the game?! I thought that was just her explanation for the DS. I mean she kind of questioned the whole "system" of DS and LS, urging you to abandon the old jedi beliefs. I see where you're coming from, but I just can't agree with your interpretation!
  8. OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Revan designed sort of like Anakin. He was a highly talented jedi who went to war against the wishes of the jedi council and then fell to the DS! After that he was defeated to by Bastilla and then the game started!So I don't see where he was LS all along!?
  9. 1) That's true, but is it certain that it was destroyed?! " 2) I think that if you go out to face the true sith ON YOUR OWN, there is a very good chance that you could fall to the dark side no matter how the official story was scripted ("especialy with a history like Revans")! This doesn't mean it actually has to happen like that, but I too see Revan as the guy who's behind all of the stuff that might happen! I was suspecting a plot twist like that for TSL, but then again there were a lot of questions unanswered in that part. So who knows what was cut out because of time issues (do
  10. :"> Uups... didn't think you were heading that way! But keep the stories coming! They inspire me, in terms of plot twist, for my mod for NWN! Oh and I didn't mean to say that capitalism eqals selfishness, I meant to point out, that there is a lot more apreciation for games that have new features and ideas than for games that were forced to a completion like TSL!
  11. 27,... and still hoping they invent the lightsaber soon! "
  12. The fact of identifying with your character is the most important part in a RPG!!! That's why I don't realy like tha idea of playing more than on PC. It's OK to do it like it was done in TSL, controlling companions in little extra missions, but the conversations, if there are any, should be dtermined by the attitudes of the character (=>no dialogue options). You just can't controll what people around you think, and that's what makes for surprises!!! And I have to repeat: we NEED a newbie if we want a surprising story with new aspects!!! That's kind of what I'm talking about. So
  13. This is one of those ideas that are really good, but will almost certainly never make it into a game. Computer games are an industry, and as much as we might love or hate it as gamers/consumers, the company has to look at cost/benefit. The days when games could be loaded with all sorts of cool and extensive easter eggs or what not (like in Fallout 2) are over, because writing a computer game is now a major business enterprise rather than the love child of dedicated programmers. That's not to say the companies are full of money-loving suits now, but where a game could be written by three or
  14. right. I'll be honest with you, that is one of the main reasons I want them to do more with Swoop Bikes....we need more stuff to spend money on. It would be cool to be able to buy upgrades for the bikes, and, for that matter, buy upgrades for your spaceship. Also, it would be nice to be able to pay someone to make illegal modifications to your weapons (while still keeping the workbench upgrades). For the spaceship, one of the things I would like to see is to have someone in the starport offer to upgrade the astro charts of your navicomputer. If you pay to have it done, you get a couple
  15. yes but what is false to you could be a universal truth to somone else. Hogwash...truth is truth. What you believe to be false might be the universal opinion of someone else, but two opposites can't both be true at the same time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True ther is no universal truth, but in the same sense there is no truth at all! There are only opinions and at best an "educated guess"! Not even the mathematical truth, wich is most likely the only truth that can be prooven with our limited experiences! So in the end, two opposites might very well be true at the same tim
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