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  1. It's my opinion also Why? WHY??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. I prefer to play in lightside because it gives good consciousness lol
  3. I like your drawings you make a very good work.
  4. Thanks. You know, i've just noticed something... Darth Flatus is from France, I'm from England... It's the age old Engalnd vs France fight between KOTORFanactic + Darth Flatus. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hope that it was humour has share if I badly understood because England and France like themselves, share has if it is you who has a tooth against French
  5. aimo would you have other drawing has to propose?
  6. It is really great what you do, I believe that everyone here is agreement :cool:
  7. I enjoy your style to draw, you can draw the expressions of the characters perfectly, to continue has to put your sketches on the forum! ^^
  8. OOhh ! French amateurs , his fact pleasure has to see (finally has to read), and thank you that the BD is French
  9. I wanted just you them faires to hear so that you to compare , but I don't know or I can find files, I am sorry if you do not understand me too well :">
  10. I would like so much that you hear the French voices but I know or not found
  11. Oh! Thank you to have put Sion and kreia! lol, it is great art
  12. lol ! Baley it when that you draws kreia or Sion ? lol, I am in a hurry to see their head! ^_^
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